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In Love And War - Season 1 - Episode 22
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“What is she doing here?!” shouted Diana.
“D! Calm down!” said Admire.

“She killed our mother and brother. I want her out or I will go. Uncle Raphael.”

“Diana, please. Hear what I have to say then I will leave,” begged Sarah.

“Nothing you would say will bring back my mother. What did she do to you? You deserve to be locked away with your husband and daughter. Get out of here!” shouted Diana.
She felt a sudden pain in her stomach.
“You need to calm down or you will miscarry,” advised Raphael. “Let her talk and then after we can kick her out.”
“I can’t stand seeing her face'” said Diana.

“Calm down my lady,” said Ray patting her back.

He poured her a glass of water and they all sat down paying their attention on Sarah. She was feeling nervous unable to look Diana in the eye.

“Are you gonna talk or what!” snapped Diana.

Sarah got up from the sofa and knelt down on the floor.

“Firstly of all I would like to say that I am sorry for what I did. I got hurt when I saw you with my husband. He chose you over me and that hurt me a lot.”

“Did you really think I was going to date him? He was like a father to me. You should had been the one protecting me but you were against me. Even lied to the police that I s£duced him. Really?” said Diana with confidence. “Crocodile tears,” she blurted
Sarah sniffed and continued.
“I just felt a hateful grudge towards you. I thought I could get away from what I did but I lied to myself. I couldn’t sleep as I kept seeing your mother in my dreams. I am sorry Diana for all the hurt I have caused you and I really regret the things I have done,” she went on. “I have lost my daughter all because I had never been a good mother to her. Teach her all about life and respect. She slapped me today and I was hurt. I feel so bad right now, cause I tored your world apart when I took your mother away from you. I wish I could turn back the time,” she paused and wiped away the tears. “These tears that run down my cheek are filled with sadness and hurt. I know sorry is not enough for what I did but please. I beg you help me with my daughter. I will turn myself in to the police. I beg you,” begged Sarah.

Dian couldn’t stop the tears from falling. There was silence in the room as if though someone had died.

“Forgiveness is for those who are strong enough and smart enough to move on. After all, the best revenge is to be unlike the person who hurt you. The best revenge is living well in a way that creates peace in your heart,” he went on. “As they say, forgiveness is the key to a peaceful heart and home. Diana I know it is very hard right now. The wounds have been opened but still time to heal them. I am not saying you should forgive her because I know what you have been through but look at her,” said Raphael and Diana looked at Sarah. “She is kneeling down in front of you. She now regrets what she did way back. Follow your heart.”
The words touched Diana. Yes, Sarah killed her mother but who was she to judge? She had a good heart and it hurt that her mother was no longer with them. If she was alive she would have said the same thing that Raphael said. Sarah needed help and she was desperate. Diana walked up to her and helped her get up.
“I forgive you!” she said wiping her tears. “Though I am still hurt about what you did to my mum. It will take time for me to forget about it because I loved my mother very much.”

“Thank you very much. Right now I have to go back home. I will come back tomorrow. I have to tell you that my daughter knows that you pregnant. She has changed Diana. She is now taking drugs and drinking,” said Sarah in between sobs.

“We will help her Auntie,” said Miriam.
“Thank you very much all of you. I have to get going now,” said Sarah.

She walked out of the house.
“She is not bad after all. She made me drop a tear. Poor woman. Life can be so hard sometimes,” said Admire. “What!” he said when everybody was staring at him.
They all laughed and had dinner later.


Sarah opened the gate her heart pounding really fast. She felt ease now that Diana had forgiven her. Soon Amy will be taken to a rehab. She opened the door slowly. Walked in the house.

“Where have you been Sarah?” asked Amy making Sarah jump to her feet.
“I was I was I I…,” stammered Sarah.
“You were you were,” she got up. “Daddy went out with his friends. It’s just me and you. Funny I thought you were at grandma’s house but she called me saying you didn’t come in today,” she poured herself glass off champagne and took it all down. “D--n! It’s bitter. So tell me what have you been up to mum. Are you cheating on my daddy?”

Amy took the gun out of her pocket.
“I bought the weapon. I am going to shoot Diana today. I am going mummy,” she said walking to the door.

Sarah quickly grabbed her hand.
“Don’t do this please. I beg you.”
“Get out of my way,” said Amy pushing her mother aside.

She fell on the floor and quickly got up. They started fighting and suddenly the gun went off.

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