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In Love And War - Season 1 - Episode 2
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“Sisi Diana. We are having porridge again. When are we going to eat rice?. I am tired of eating porridge. Morning porridge, afternoon porridge and everning,” shouted Admire loudly and angrily, the second born.
“Admire. Just eat. Stop complaining,” said Joyce, Diana’s mother.
“No! Mama. I am not going to eat the porridge,” he shouted sitting up.

“Admire!” called out Diana. “Come back here!”

He ignored her and went straight to bed. Admire was 14 years old. He was a Grade 7 pupil and was about to write his final exams. He was a very bright student. He did not understand that his mother could not afford to buy them rice. He was very stubborn just like his father, Joyce thought.
“It’s all my fault. I am sorry, Diana,” said Joyce.

“Ohh mum. Don’t be it’s just Admire can be so stubborn sometimes. Don’t mind him. I will deal with him in the morning,” said Diana sofly.
“Sisi Diana!” called out Alex, the last born. “I want some water to drink.”
“You finished your porridge. Good kid. I am going to buy you jiggies tomorrow right,” she said pinching him.
“Yes and ice cream. I listen to mama. Admire always shouts at her. Mama if I grown old I will buy a car for you and a big house,” said Alex smilingly.

They both laughed.
“What a kid! Already planning to buy a car for your mother. Now let’s go to bed,” said Diana sitting up. “Mum. You should go and get some rest,” she spoke looking at her.

“No. I just want to wash dishes. You know cockroaches.”

“I will wash them mum. It’s been a long a day. Go and get some rest.”
“Are you sure?”
“Mum. I am 18 years old and you know I can do everything. Now take Alex and go to sleep.”
“Thank you my daughter. My legs are already hurting,” said Joyce sitting up.

She almost fell when Diana caught her hand.
“Mum! Are you okay?”
She helped her sit down. She poured a cup of water for her and took it all down.
“Thank you!” she said handing her back the cup.

“Are you okay?” asked Diana concerned.
“My chest. I just felt dizzy maybe it’s because I have been working too much.”
“You should get some rest. I will go and sell the tomatoes at the rank. I don’t want anything bed to happen to you,” said Diana. “Alex has already slept. Let me carry him to his bed.”
She carried Alex and la!d him on the bed. She helped her mother to sleep before she started washing dishes. Tears steaming down on her cheeks. She wondered who was going to take care of her mother when she has gone to University. Only a month left for her to go. She finished washing dishes and went to sleep.
She looked at her mother. She could not bear the pain of seeing her suffer because of her. She needed to find a part time job or be a maid. Thus she wanted to visit Amy’s mother early in the morning. They had torned blankets. She could not sleep at night as she kept tossing and turning counting sheeps but she didn’t seem to get any eye shut. She heard Alex crying in his sleep. Her mother was about to get up since they both slept on the floor and stopped her.
“Sleep mum. Let me,” she whispered getting up.

Her mother went back to sleep while she sat on the bed. She sat watching Alex’s face. She shushed and patted and after no more than five minutes he had gone quiet. Looking at Alex she remembered how she used to rock him sleep while singing a song for him. She would wait untill he was in a deep sleep before putting him down. By the time Alex was 1 year old not only could he sleep comfortably out her arms and without feeding through his naps. He would have a quick feed when they went into the room then roll away and explore, play. After a while he would lay down and go to sleep. Diana would always lay next to him and sometimes he would come and cuddle with her. She wiped the tears that had escaped before kissing him on the cheek. She loved him very much and he looked just like her dad.

“Poor thing. I love you, Alex. My little brother,” she whispered looking at him.
She went back to sleep but hardly slept that night. Alex was very unsettled overnight waking up most every 2 hours. She was about to go back to sleep again when Alex started crying.
“What is it Alex?” she asked with a hint of panick in her voice.

“My tummy hurts. Mama, my tummy,” he cried out loud.

“Mum! He is very hot. We need to go to the hospital,” said Diana staring at Alex.
Her mother did not respond.
“Mum!” she shouted shaking her but still did not respond.

She had no one to call. It was 2am in the morning. She got the strenght and decided to wake up Admire. He woke up.
“What is it Sisi Diana?” asked Admire angrily.
“It’s mum and Alex. We need to take them to the hospital. Light up the candle. You will carry Alex on your back and I will carry mum,” she said with tears in her eyes.

She needed to be strong for Admire’s sake. She carried her mother on her back while Admire carried Alex. They got out of the house and walked to the hospital. Diana’s heart was pounding really fast. Praying that her mother was going to be alright.

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