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In Love And War - Season 1 - Episode 16
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He drove his car to his house. Upon arrival he parked the car at the garage and headed to his house. He opened the door and poured a glass of water. He sat down on the floor his hands on the head. Eversince he broke up with Amy he never felt so broken before. He felt as if someone so special had been taken away from him. His happiness and laughter. He thought he was going to get what a man could wish for. A good woman, beautiful with a good heart, adored by everyone and very funny. The tears that ran down his cheeks were filled with sadness and hurt. She crossed his mind every minute and hour ever since he met her. Forgetting about her was going to be so hard. He knew his heart was broken before but after meeting Diana. It healed, his heart beat for her.

“Ray!” called out Raphael tapping his shoulder. “What are you doing sitting on the floor? You left the door open. What is happening? Talk to me.”
He sniffed.

“I lost her brother. I lost a woman that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with.”

“What did you do to Diana? What do you mean you lost her? Isn’t it you guys were pretending just to please mum and dad?” asked Raphael with a hint of confusion in his voice.

He helped Ray to get up from the floor. They sat on the couch.
“What happened?” asked Raphael concerned.

“I had fallen in love with her bro. I could feel it in my heart that she was the girl I had been praying for. I wanted to be with her,” he went on. “I wanted to wake up every morning with her in my bed. I wanted to love her, treat her like a queen but I can’t now. She kicked me out of her life.”


Ray started telling his story. How he met Amy? And that for Diana to kick her out. She had met Amy.

“Wait! Amy! You mean the ex Mayor’s daughter?” asked Raphael surprised.
“Yes, bro. She is exactly the one.”
“That family is bad news. I don’t think I should be the one telling you this but Amy and Diana used to be best friends. The Mayor tried to rape Diana when she had just finished high school,” he went on. “The Mayor got Diana arrested but I bailed her out. He lied saying she stole his money. That is the reason. If that girl is back Diana is not safe. To even think that you dated the girl. Wow. An applause for you.”
Ray scratched his head. He got up and poured himself a glass of wine. He took it all down and took a deep breath before going back to sit with his brother.
“A hell of a story. What should I do? I made them sleep in my house last night. They met in the morning and Amy was pushed down the stairs by Diana,” said Ray.
“What!” exclaimed Raphael
“Don’t worry I didn’t believe Amy’s story. That one is a good liar. I think she threw herself down the stairs so that I could hate Diana. But that made me fall for her even deep. I can’t stop thinking about her bro.”
“What kind of girl does that?”

“She is obsessed with me. I need to go and see Diana. If I go at her house she won’t open the door for me. Can you call her say Auntie Miriam wants to see her. Please bro,” he begged.

“You will pay me.”
“Yes! I will buy you sweets,” he said with a serious look in his face.

Raphael immediately called Diana and she agreed to come. Later the two men drove to Raphael’s house.

“Auntie Miriam, I am nervous,” said Ray late that night.

“You don’t need to be. Be honest with your self. Tell her what you feel. She is a good girl,” said Miriam as he sat beside her.

They heard a knock on the door.

“I think its her,” said Raphael. “Come on wifey let’s leave the two love birds.”
They walked hand in hand heading to their room. The twins were not around. They hardly spent the time with their parents. They found them so annoying and boring thus they prefered staying with their grandma. Their parents had gotten used to it.

He took a deep breath before opening the door. His heart pounding really fast. He opened the door slowly. Their eyes met
“Hie!” he said.

“Hie!” she kept her voice bright, as if this scenario was one she was familiar with and met his gaze.

“Come inside!”
She walked inside the house and sat on the sofa. He sat beside her. He smiled at her and the butterflies in her stomach fluttered even more widly, but before she could speak he continued.

“You look beautiful my lady.”
She didn’t respond with words but he saw her expression change. She smiled back.
“I believe you did not push Amy down those stairs. Amy is my ex fiancee. She slept with my best friend. I caught them. I know that she was your best friend,” he said. “I love you Diana. I know we hardly know each but you the woman had been looking for. I can’t stop thinking about you. Don’t worry about that psycho Amy. She will never harm you as long I stay by your side.”
“But What if.”

Unable to control himself, he silenced her with a kiss so hard and deep he almost couldn’t breath. It was as if bond was forming with the kiss. He pulled back.

“This is what I feel about you. I am in love with you my lady,” he smiled.
She smiled back and held her tightly in his arms.

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