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In Love And War - Season 1 - Episode 14
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Ray’s pulse pounded in his head and a fire coursed through his veins which had little to do with the punishing early morning run he had just completed. He thought about Diana and how he was going to deal with Amy as well. How could Diana drive him to such distraction? Refusing to explore the answer to that question, he returned to his house.


Diana woke up with a start. Her heart thumped in her chest like a hammer as she tried to blink away the images that had haunted her sleep. Images of Amy and her fighting. Images that had heated her body as surely as if she had been fighting with her. She dragged in a sharp breath and looked around the room, different now the calm light of dawn was casting it’s glow. She pulled the sheet tighter against her, feeling suddenly naked in her underwear. Waking up in a man’s bed, even if it was only the guest bed, was something she was not used to. She groaned the thought of going to work. She didn’t want to face Ray but leave immediately. Could she make it outside? The thought raced into her head and quickly she flung back the sheet and grabbed her dress. At the bedroom door she paused, took a deep breath forcing her heart to calm before slowly opening it. Silence greeted her and she smiled, sure she was going to be able to slip away. With her bag in her hand and heels dangling from her fingers she closed the door and padded softly along the floor of the corridor, but as she got to the stairs. She bumped into Amy. They looked at each other.

Diana froze in place. She raised her brows and her heart started pounding really fast. She recognised Amy but Amy didn’t
“Your face looks familiar. What are you doing here?” said Amy.

Diana stared at her. She couldn’t utter a word. Amy looked at her from head to toe. Trying to remember who she was. Diana stood firm, like a soldier on parade being inspected by a commanding officer. She walked slowly round behind her, admiring her looks. She didn’t flinch, didn’t move. Right at that moment she remembered her. Her ex best friend. The girl who s£duced her father.
“Diana!” she shouted angrily
“Amy!” she said softly.
“You b---h! What are you doing here in my fiancee’s house. You s£duced my father to sleep with you. Now you after my man.”
Diana looked at her not knowing what she was talking about.
“Excuse me!”
“Don’t excuse me. You know what I am talking about,” her gaze met hers.

As she stood before her she was not only sculpted from ice but frozen to the core. A controversy indeed.

“I don’t know what you talking about and Ray is not my friend. I am late for work,” she said. She was bout to go down the stairs when Amy grabbed her hand and pushed her against the wall.

“You are not going anyway lady!” shouted Amy. “You tell me if you in love with Ray.”
“You hurting me Amy. I swear to you. We not dating. The last thing I want is to fight with you,” pleaded Diana. “Your father lied to you. He is the one who tried to rape me. We had been friends Amy for long. How will I do such a thing.”

“Oh please Diana. Crocodile tears. You were always desperate because you were poor. I helped you at school and I wish I had never do that. Listen here Ray is mine and you not going to take him away from me,” she threatened.

“Are you threatening me?”
“I will do more than that. I will bury you alive if I have too.”

Ray heard female voices coming from the house. Amy looked on the window and saw Ray coming inside the house. She pulled Amy.
“What are you doing?” asked Diana.
“Making him hate you,” replied Amy with a smile on her face.

Amy threw herself down the stairs. Diana stood and opened her mouth widely. As Amy landed on the floor. Ray stared at her body. He looked at Diana who stood
“Diana!” he shouted. He clenched his hands into fists. “What have you done!”
“I I I I di…” stammered Diana.

“Amy! Amy!” called out Ray shooking her but she didn’t respond.

He immediately grabbed his car keys. He carried Amy.

“You better pray that nothing happens to her or you will be charged with murder,” he said before walking out of the house.

He got into his car and drove off to the hospital leaving Diana all alone in his house.

Diana walked slowly out of the house and took a taxi to his house. After few minutes the taxi driver dropped her at her house. She entered the house and sat on the couch. Tears streaming down on her cheeks. Her thoughts were disrupted by a phone call. She wiped her tears before answering the call.
“Miss Diana. It’s Walter. You didn’t come in today. Are you okay?”

“I am sorry. I was not feeling well. I am coming right away,” said Diana with a low voice.

“No no it’s okay don’t stress. If you not feeling well. You can work from home. I will send your personal assistant at your house. Give me the address,” said Walter.

“Thank you very much. God bless you. Let me give it to you.”

After she hanged up the call. She headed to the bathroom. She felt nervous as she sat on her bed wondering why Amy could do such a thing to her.

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