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In Love And War - Season 1 - Episode 12
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Diana entered the sleek luxury of the office and knew she was being watched. Every men in the office looked at her. She knocked on the door and he responded.
“Come in!”

He immediately stood up upon seeing the beautiful lady in his office. He quickly went by and pulled the chair for her. She sat down.
“Thank you. Already treating me like a Boss,” she said with a smile.

His mouth was set in a firm of line that highlighted the harsh angles of his cheekbones, softened only slightly by his tanned complexion. His jaw was cleanshaven, but she didn’t miss the way he clenched it, as if biting his words.

“Where are my manners? Can I offer you something to drink.”

“No no it’s eight in the morning. I had a cup of coffee on my way here. Let’s just get into business,” she said sounding formal.
He took out some papers from his drawer.
“I welcome you to the company Miss D. The Vice President of the company. I have had a lot about you from my friends in London. I guess I don’t need to ask who Diana is.”
He smiled. An indolent smile that tugged at the corners of his mouth. Her breath caught in her throat and nervous almost swarmed over her.

“I don’t know what to say. Thank you so much. I was feeling nervous to meet you. I mean your company is the biggest company in the Country. You have already won so many awards,” she spoke firmly, determined he should never know just how excited she was.
“I guess I need to introduce you to the team,” he said sitting up.

He led the way while Diana followed behind him. He got inside the room where all of the share holders sat. He cleared his throat and everyone paid attention to him while Diana stood beside him.
“The reason why I called for the board meeting is to introduce you all to our new Vice President of our company. Miss Diana Sakala,” he spoke loudly.
Everyone clapped their hands.

“Make her feel welcome in our Company,” he went on. “Miss Diana we welcome you to our Company. Make and feel yourself at home.”

“Thank you so much. Mr Walter Mafukidze,” she said.

They walked out of the room. Walter showed her the office and was immediately given a personal assistant. She was extremely happy and thanked the Lord for her life had changed. As she sat in her office, she thought about her mother. If only she was alife but Admire was there. She had missed him since he was at a boarding school. She poured herself a glass of water and drank it. After hours in her office.

She felt tired and dozed off on the table. When she woke up it was around seven in the everning. Everyone had gone home.
“I didn’t realise I had slept that long,” she said to herself.
She immediately packed her things and was about to walk out of the office when she realised her person assistant was still in the office.
“Jane! Why are you still here?”
“I was waiting for you ma’am. Mr Walter said I shouldn’t leave you all alone in the office,” she said.
“Ohh Rose. You can go now.”
“Really?” she said excitedly. “Thank you my boyfriend had been waiting for me outside. Goodbye Miss,” she said running off.
Diana got in the elevator. She walked out of the office. Since she had no car yet. She was about to call her taxi driver when he grabbed her waist from the back.
“Hello my babe,” he whispered.
She turned to face him and their eyes met. She pushed him.
“What are you doing?”
“Why are you over reacting? Didn’t you miss me? Won’t it be so cool to date the son of The President,” he said.
“Oh please,” she rolled her eyes. “Even if you were son of 200 Presidents I wouldn’t date you.”

She looked up at him, her breath catching as he moved closer to her. He was immaculately dressed in a dark suit and tie, the white of his shirt enhancing his attractive can.

The smile on his lips was warm and welcoming. That same warmth reached his eyes as he took her hand. The touch of his fingers as he lightly held hers made her shiver, as if a feather had been trailed down her spine.

“Speak,” she told herself. “Don’t let his act of attraction distract you.”
“Good everning, Mr Ray,” she said, injecting firmness into her voice. “It is a pleasure to meet you again. If you don’t mind I want to go home.”

“Ouch! My heart. Am I being rejected?” he said. “Well my lady incase you forgot. It’s dinner tonight with my family. Dad sent me to pick you up. I am sure you don’t want to disappoint him. He had the dinner planned just for you,” he said with a smile.

She had forgotten about the dinner. At the same time she didn’t want to disappoint the President and be in the same car with a Ray.
“Let’s go!” she said.

“Hmmmm. We need to do something about your dress. I bought you something. What you wearing is too formal. Not a cocktail dress,” he said looking at her body.

“That’s just an insult!” she snapped.
“No, my lady. Let’s go. Your dressmaker, hairstyle, shoe maker and make up artist they are waiting for you at the hotel.”
“You idiot!” she shouted heading to the limo.

He opened the door for her and they drove off at the hotel.

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