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In Love And War - Season 1 - Episode 11
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Their eyes met.

“You!” they exclaimed at the same time.
She stood by the sofa, her phone in her hand. He looked up at her as she stood in front of him. He wanted to shout at her but soon ran out of words, mesmerized by her beauty.
“You two know each other,” said Raphael who broke the silence.
He dropped his gaze and paid attention to his brother.

“Yes bro. He is the girl I was telling you about,” he said facing down.

She put her phone on the table, sat beside him and smiled at him. She looked different. Guilt shot through him, after remembering what he had done to her few hours ago. He had never seen such a beautiful woman his entire life. How could one woman make him forget his words? Refusing to explore the answer to that question, he faced his brother. Raphael just sat folding his arms admiring the couple. He cleared his throat.

“Diana. This is my young brother, Ray. He just returned from Canada. Graduated with a Masters and Ray, that is Diana. She lives here.”

He looked very handsome too. His dark eyes. He fought to stop his mind imagining things. Her beautiful dark eyes widened slightly and she drew in a sharp breath. She looked at him for a moment, his brown eyes cool and emotionless. She swallowed hard giving away the fact that she was attracted to him. A knock on the door drew their attention. Two men walked in the house. Ray immediately stood up. His brother stood up as well. Diana had no idea what was going on so she remained seated looking at these two.

He walked inside the loudge followed by three men. All five of them stood in the house. Diana was shocked as he looked at her and smiled. She was about to sit up when he said.
“No! Sit down. No need to be scared. I can see from your facial expression. You didn’t know that these two were my sons,” he said sitting on the sofa. “I am their father. Sit down boys. Since you two don’t want to visit me. I thought I should be the one to visit. Surprise,” he said softly.

She looked at him for a moment and could not believe that she was in the same room with him. Surprised that Uncle Raphael was his son.
“I was about to come and see you old man. You know how I love my brother,” said Ray.
“I assume that is my daughter-in law,” he said staring at Diana. “Which country is she from? Her skin and beauty from England.”
“Dad! Can’t you see you making my fiancee feel uncomfortable,” said Ray.

“She is my daughter-in law. I am playing with her. You should come and have coffee with the First Lady very soon.”
“I will definitely do so, sir,” she faked a smile but deeply she was feeling nervous. “If you will excuse me,” she said sitting up.

“It’s okay my daughter-in law.”
She headed to her room and Ray couldn’t stop staring at her.
“Ray!” called out her father.
“Sir!” he responded
Suddenly one of the body guard came and whispered something in his ear.

“I would have to go. The Ambassador of China has arrived. Dinner at my house. Your mother will call you two. Ray bring my daughter-in law and Raphael pass my greetings to your wife,” he said
He walked out of the room
“Are you coming bro for dinner?” asked Ray as he sit up.
“I am coming,” said Raphael.
“I have to go now. The old man came with my driver. Say bye to the Villian lady,” he said.

Raphael laughed as he watched his brother walking out of the house. Diana came back after she watched him drove off. She headed to the loudge and found Raphael watching TV. Miriam had gone out with Kiara at the market.
“I guess you need to explain something to me. All those years you kept me in the dark . I must say I am still shocked,” she said.
“I am sorry about that. What happened is my father didn’t want me to be a doctor but get into politics. When I refused he got mad at me. I chose to go my way. That is why people don’t know who I am. I just want to be secretive. Don’t tell anyone that. I am the President’s first son,” said Raphael.
“Wait! What about the kids? Do they know?”
“No! They don’t. They have never seen him before. They always go and visit my mother’s big sister. They think that’s their grand ma but Miriam knows.”
“Oh I see. Let me go and take a bath,” she got up and headed to the bathroom.


The driver drove the limo at his house. He sat at the back seat thinking about Diana. Her breath taking beauty. Deep in his thought his phone rang.

“Hello!” he responded.
“Babe! Finally you picked up. I know you back in the country. I miss you and I love you,” she said softly sounding desperate.

“You now desperate. Listen I want nothing to do with you. You broke my heart. Treated you like a queen. You cheated on me with my friendHow could you sleep with my best friend?!” he shouted on the phone angrily.
“I am sorry babe. It was a mistake. Can we meet so we can talk about this?”
“Listen Amy. I want nothing to do with you. Stop calling me or texting. Go. Be with Brendon. And Amy I am no longer interested in you. You don’t deserve me after what you did,” he said and switched off his phone.

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