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If Only She Knew - Season 1 - Episode 9
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“No no no, Emily don’t say that. You and I are in love. I am sorry, I am so sorry I didn’t mean to act that way,” he said sitting up. “I love you Emily with all of my heart,” he said beside her. “Look me in
the eye and tell me you don’t love me. Think of what we have been through together. I know you mad at me but don’t make such decisions.”
“No!” she said loudly getting up. “I don’t love you anymore Andrew .”

“Why Emily? Did I do something wrong to you? Tell me, I promise I will fix it. I will be a better man,
father and husband. Just don’t leave me. I beg you.”

“It’s too late for that now because I already slept with him.”

“Wha wh wh wh..” he stammered.

He put his heads on the head. He didn’t want his family to split up. He didn’t want his kids to
suffer the distress of their parents divorce.

“Emily think about our kids. Chloe, she needs you and still young to understand the situation.”
She ignored him and walked out on him. She went to pack all her clothes.

“Emily! Where are you going?” he asked as she came in the sitting room with her suitscases.
“Getting out of this house I am leaving you Andrew.”

“Mummy!” called out Chloe. ” Where are you going?”
“Chloe, go back to sleep,” said Emily.
Calvin walked in.

“No, mummy. Are you going to leave me?”
Emily knelt down and wiped her tears.
“Listen baby. Mummy is going somewhere and she is not coming back. You going to stay with

daddy and your brother,” she wiped away the tears that had escaped.

“Did daddy hurt you? Mummy, don’t go please. Please, mummy,” cried Chloe holding her mother’s

“I can’t I need to go,” she said grabbing her bags.

“Mum!” called out Calvin. “Why are you doing this?”
She turned back to face him.

“Emily, don’t go. We can make this work. How are we going to survive without you?” spoke

“You will make a plan,” she said and walked to the door.

Chloe could not stop crying, screaming and shouting. Emily didn’t care less. All she wanted was to get away from them and be with Max. Max was waiting for her outside. She got into the car and looked at her house. Andrew was watching her from the window.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” asked Max starting his car.
“Let’s go,” said Emily.

Tears of sadness and hurt ran down on his cheeks. How could she just leave him like that? His heart was broken looking at her daughter who lay on the bed. Love had broke him down into tears.

Love had hurt him deeply. It didn’t make sense to him that Emily had left him just like that. He was confused. He felt anger, betrayed, worthless and couldn’t cry no more. He loved her very much
more than anything. He sacrificed a lot for her. Only to make her happy. He treated her like a

“Dad,” said Calvin tapping his shoulder. “She is asleep. You can go and rest.”
“Calvin I…”

He couldn’t say no more. He wanted to stay strong but this hurt him. He wiped his tears before facing him.

“It’s okay dad. We are going to be fine. I will take care of you and my sister,” said Calvin.
He gave his father a hug. Andrew cried hysterically in his arms. That night he tried to sleep but couldn’t. He kept tossing and turning on the bed counting sheep but he didn’t seem to get any eye shut. Early in the morning he thought he was going to see Emily but reality hit him hard. She was
never going to come back.

“Dad!” shouted Calvin.
He quickly got off the bed and yanked the door open.

“What is it?” he asked.
“Chloe has locked the door. She doesn’t want to open and we already late for school,” said Calvin.

“Let me try to talk to her. You go to school. I will follow.”
“Okay, dad,” said Calvin.

He knocked on the door and she did not respond
“Chloe, daddy here. Open the door my princess.”

“I don’t want daddy. I want my mummy,” said Chloe with a low voice.

“Daddy is sad. You want to see daddy crying. Open the door please. I will buy you ice cream.”
She opened the door slowly and ran into his father’s arms.

“Mummy doesn’t love me, daddy.”
“No no don’t say that. Mummy loves you. It’s just that she had to go.”

“No, daddy. Candice’s mother ran away and she never came back. Mummy isn’t coming back and
I know it,” she sniffed. “I hate mummy!”
“Chloe. You don’t mean that,” said Andrew
“I mean it. I don’t want to see her. How can she leave us daddy?”
“Shhhhh my princess,” he said patting her back. “Its going to be alright.”
He managed to calm her down but she was in no state to go to school. She kept crying the whole
day. The only thing that made her laugh was platting her dolls with him. But for only few minutes.

Emily did not call or come to the house since she had left some of her stuff. Andrew had to call
Billy to tell him that he was not coming to work. Luckily Billy understood his situation. Late that
night Chloe was very unsettled overnight waking up most every two hours asking about her
mother. After reading her book she would go back to sleep cuddling her teddy. Andrew needed to call Emily the following day to beg her to come back home.

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