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If Only She Knew - Season 1 - Episode 8
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As he sat on the sofa thinking how his life had been for the past few years. He had struggled
getting a job in the first place. He quit his job without thinking twice thus he regretted his decision more than ever now that his wife always threw insults on him. When she hurled insults at him, he
did not retaliate. Instead he had to apologise to her and promised to look for a job. He needed to
find a job. His phone rang. He grabbed it from the table and it had no caller ID. He answered it.
“Hello!” he responded after answering the call.

“Andrew, my man. It’s Tinashe.”
“Long time Tina. How can I help you?”
“I got this friend of mine who owns a restaurant. He needs a waiter like as soon as possible.

I heard you were looking for a job.”
“Yes yes yes I was,” he said excitedly.
“Good! You should be ready at around twelve. I will come and pick you up. I better get back to
“Thank you very much, Tina!”
“No, that’s what friends are for.”
He hanged up the call. Tina and Andrew they used to work together at a mining company. When
one of them died inside after it collapsed they had to quit the job since it was now dangerous. It
was a coincidence that one of Tinashe’s friends had met Andrew when he was looking for a job.
He told Tinashe about it.

He took a bath and at around eleven the kids had come back from school. Tinashe came to pick
up Andrew. They drove at the restaurant. Before he started working he called his wife wanting to

tell her about the job but she didn’t pick up. He was worried about the kids since they were home alone. Instead he called one of the landlord’s daughter to watch over them until he gets in touch
with his wife. Luckily she agreed.

“Andrew!” called out the manager. “My cousin brother is here on a date. I need you to go and
serve them,” he said softly. “Can you do it?”
“Yes, boss,” he said nodding his head.
He walked to the table with a small book and the menu. He was nervous since it was his first time
but took a deep breath before getting close to the table.

“Good everning, sir and madam!” he greeted. “Can I take your order please?”
The lady was facing down. As he waited for them to order, hands clasped behind back. She
looked up and their eyes met.

“Emily!” he exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”

Seeing his wife on a date as the manager had said it made him weak. Was she cheating on him?
Who was the man? Refusing to explore the answer to the question, he stared at the man.
“May I ask you. What are you doing here with my wife? Didn’t she tell you that she was married?”

he said calmy not wanting to cause a scene.
Waiting for one of them to answer his question. He pulled a chair and sat on the same table with
them, sitting with legs crossed. Emily could not hide the shame. Right there she just wanted to run
away or hide her face with a mask. Max took the glass of water on the table and downed it on one

“I think I should leave you two,” he said sitting up but couldn’t make a step. Andrew had grabbed his hand. He looked at him and smiled.
“Sit down, sir. I should be the one sitting up,” he said sitting up and pulled the chair for him. “My
apologies for disturbing you. Can I take your order now?”

Max couldn’t even sit on the chair. Emily on the other side could not look at Andrew in his eyes.
“Emily, let’s go,” said Max.

She sat up and gazed at his husband.
“I will see you at home Emily,” said Andrew and walked to his manager who just stared at the

Max got out of the restaurant with Emily.
“What happened?” asked Billy with curiousity written all over his face.
“Nothing. Can I go home sir?”
“Yes yes. It’s okay. You can come back tomorrow.”

“Thank you, sir,” said Andrew looking down.
Billy didn’t want to ask more. He immediately sent him home. Upon arrival, he opened the door
hoping to see his wife but she was not home yet. The kids had slept. He sat on the sofa with so
many questions only his wife could answer. He waited for her. Hours passed and around eleven

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