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If Only She Knew - Season 1 - Episode 7
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She tried sleeping but couldn’t. Thinking about Max and the kiss. She slowly walked out of the
room trying not to wake up Andrew. She headed to the kitchen and closed the door. She sat on
the chair and dialled Max’s number. It didn’t take long for him to answer the call since he was
watching soccer.

“Emily, It’s ten. Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping beside your husband?”
“I couldn’t sleep so I thought I could give you a call.”
“You were thinking about me?” said Max with a laugh.

“Me? No!”
She kept quite for a while after hearing the door being opened. She quickly cut the call and rose
from the chair, pretending as if she was drinking water.

“Hey! Are you okay?” asked Andrew. “I have a terrible headache. I had come to fetch some water,” she lied.

“You could have wake me up,” he said holding her hand. “How are you feeling now?”
“Yes. I am fine.”
“If it’s gets serious. I will take you to the hospital,” said Max. “You shouldn’t be stressing Emily.”

He took her hand and walked with her to their room.

The next following day he opened the curtains opening way for the sun’s rays to come flooding
into the room. She was greeted with a cup of coffee.
“Morning!” he greeted her placing the tray on the chair. “I bought you some coffee. How are you
feeling today?”
“I am well thanks. The kids?”
“Gone to school,” he said sitting on the bed beside her.
“D--n! What time is it?”

She quickly got off the bed.
“Why didn’t you wake me up? I am late for work,” she said putting on her slippers.
“Calm down. I told your Boss that you not feeling well so you won’t be coming in.”
She looked at him.
“You did what?!” she shouted.
“He called a few minutes ago and I t…”
“Shut up! Are you the one who applied for the job. If I get fired because of you. You will see.”
“I am sorry I did answer your call but I was worried about you and needed you to rest that is why I told him you were not feeling well. I am sure he won’t fire you because of that.”
She clicked her tongue and walked out of the room slamming the door in his face. Andrew
wondered why Emily freaked out that way. He thought maybe it was stress. He needed to
apologise to her. He made the bed and cleaned the room. He sat on the bed waiting for her. She
walked in with towel wrapped around her body. He cleared his throat.
“I am sorry for what I did earlier.”
“You should be. Let it be the last time you touch my phone,” she said applying some lotion on her body.

He stood up silently and walked out of the room. She finished and walked out of the house
ignoring him. He just looked at her.
“Have a nice day!” he said.
She took a taxi at the office.
“I thought you were not feeling well,” said Max as she walked in his office.
“I am feeling much better now,” she said smilingly.
“I am glad. I will be meeting the investors later. Hmmm guess I will see you around six,” he said
grabbing his briefcase.
“No problem Boss.”
“It’s Max,” he said walking out of the office.
Hours passed. She was about to knock off when her phone rang.
“Hello! I am back and parked outside the office. I am waiting for you. “I am coming.”
She took her bag.
“James. Don’t forget to lock.”
“Okay madam. See you tomorrow.”
He stood by the car and watched her as she walked towards him.
“Stop looking at me like that.”
“I can’t it’s just you too beautiful. I want to take you to my favourite restaurant. Will I?”
“Yes. Why n..,” she stopped at midsentence when her phone rang. It was Andrew. She
immediately cut the call and switched off her phone.
“Your husband?”
“No, some friend. Let’s go.”
“Okay. You ready?”
She got out of the car and walked with him towards the busy street lined with restaurants.

They got inside one of the restaurant. A waiter came out to greet and hugged Max.
“Emily, this is my cousin Billy, owner of this restaurant and at our bidding for this evening.”
She felt suddenly shy beneath the man’s gaze. He took her hand and with the same charm Max
possessed kissed it.
“Beautiful woman you are.”
To her horror she blushed, but managed to smile back at him.
“Thank you!” she raised her brows, made her voice light and meliduous, even a little flirty.
Billy laughed and after a brief look of shock Max did too. Then he smiled at Emily.
“Billy, do you have the table I requested?”
“Yes, this way please.”
Max put his arms around her shoulders, pulling her close as he followed his cousin to their table. It was private and candles fluttered in the everning breeze. They sat on the table.

“I will send my new waiter to come and serve you. Enjoy,” said Billy.
Max looked at Emily and smiled.
“You looking beautiful to night Lilly.”
“Don’t call me that,” she said shyly. “This place is so beautiful”
“Ohh here is the waiter,” said Max.
He walked to their table and she was facing down.
“Good everning sir and madam!” he greeted. “Can I take your order please?”
Max was about to order when she lifted up her head and faced him.
“Emily!” he exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”

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