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If Only She Knew - Season 1 - Episode 3
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He was playing chess when Andrew walked inside the club around 11pm. While his host was
puffing out tobacco smoke in curly clouds.

“Andrew, my man,” he said his eyes fixed on the chess board. “This is a very special night,” he said before making his next move. “You know what I feel like being in Bulawayo this week? A

He paused there, puffed his cigar and let the laughter settle a little. “People see me like a fool,” the
crowd erupts.

He turned to face him and gestured him to sit, the muscles of his arm rippling beneath his white
shirt snagging his attention. He sat down beside him “Can you excuse us gentlemen,” he said to his guest and body guards.

He stood up and led Andrew at his office. He closed the door and sat on his chair.

“What can I do for you?” he asked with a hint of curiousity in his voice.
“Kuda, I need your help.”
“Don’t use that name. We not at high school anymore. Rather call me Buffalo,” he raised his

He took a deep breath, pulled in his stomach and puffed out his chest waiting for Andrew to
continue. Andrew was thinking twice if he could ask help from his former classmate who was a
bully and now a gangster, loan shark. He swallowed hard trying to calm his nerves. Kuda took out the gun from his procket and placed it on the table. He sat comfortable on the chair with hands clasped behind head.

“Are you going to talk?” he asked his voice sounding dangerous.

A cruel man that had killed many people. Andrew thought about his kids and wife what will happen

to them if he gets involved with Kuda. He broke into a sweat when he rose from the chair. His
pulse raced.

“I can kill you right now because of your silence,” he said with a serious look on his face.

His heart started pounding at a increasingly rapid race.

“That was a joke. Relax,” he said with a laugh tapping his shoulder. “Champagne?”
“No, I am fine,” he said avoiding eye contact with him.

“Finally you spoke. You and I are best friends since high school, Andrew.”

“Except that you are a killer,” he muttered under his breath.

“What was that?”
“Nothing just agreeing to what you were saying.”

He poured the champagne in a glass and went back to sit on his chair. He took a sip and placed
the glass on the glass table.

“So tell me. What have you been up to?”
“Nothing just home. You know I think I should get going. Looking at the time, my wife would soon
be worried of my whereabouts,” he said sitting up.

“Sit down!” he ordered raising his voice. “I know you want something from me. What is it?”
“It’s nothing really.”

He couldn’t do it. Yes, he was broke and had no money. He just didn’t want to get involved with
Kuda, a dangerous criminal.

“I was just passing by so I thought I would pay you a visit. I should be going now,” he said walking
to the door.

“Andy! If you ever need anything. I am here hommie. Pass my greetings to your wife.”
“I will,” he said opening the door and walked out.

He took a taxi back home.
She looked great in her black suit and heels. She had been called for an interview.

“How do I look?” she asked her husband in the kitchen while he prepared breakfast for her.
“Beautiful!” he responded kissing her on the cheek. “I better get going. I am so nervous.”
He held her hand.

“You can do this I trust in you. Good luck!”
“I really need it. Pray to God that I get employed. At least the landlord felt pity for us and gave us a
week. As for the kids. They should be going back to school tomorrow,” she said zipping her bag. “I
better get going. Bye!”
She walked out of the house and took a taxi to the office. There were so many people.
“Is it your first time to be here?” asked a lady as they stood outside the board room.
“Yes!” she responded.
“It’s my second. I hope I get it this time. I heard the manager’s son is the one interviewing us.”
“Emily Moyo!”
“I am here,” she said raising her hand.
“You next!”
She felt nervous as she walked inside the room. Her every step scrutinised by a man who was
revered and feared by businessmen and women alike. She studied his face. It looked familiar to
her. His mouth was set in a firm line that highlighted the harsh angles of his cheekbones. His jaw
was cleanshaven.

“You may take a sit,” he said with his deep voice.
He leant against his desk, arms folded across his broad chest, as if he had already decided that
he wanted her to be his secretary. His black hair gleamed, but the intensity in his eyes nearly
robbed her of the ability to speak.
“Hey!” he [email protected] his fist on the table making her come back to reality. “It seems your mind is
somewhere else.”
She just couldn’t stop staring at his handsome face. He too couldn’t stop smiling at her. He knew
her but it was not the right time to reveal himself.
“Do you think you the best candidate for this job?” he began asking.

As he raised his brows in question a flutter of nerves took flight in her stomach.
“Yes, I am the best candidate. I have self confidence in myself.”
“Impressive!” he smiled at her

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