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If Only She Knew - Season 1 - Episode 14
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They managed to sell some of the furnitures and looked for a house to rent. It was one roomed.

There was no furniture just a matress to sleep on. They now used a prim stove to cook. It had
been two days since they left Mrs Stick’s house. Chloe’s condition hadn’t changed.

“There is no improvement. She is getting worse like everyday,” said the doctor when Andrew had
visited her.

“Are you saying my daughter is going to die?”

“All I can say is pray that we find a donor.”

Everyday he visited her. Since he had no job and used a bicycle to go to the hospital. He tried finding a job but couldn’t get one.

Early in the morning he woke up and prepared breakfast for his son.

“Your breakfast is ready son. Why are you dressed as if you going to herd cattle?” he said teasingly.

“Dad, seriously. How can you say such thing? It’s so funny you taught me how to fix a tie but still I struggle a lot. Mum us..,” he stopped at midsentence.

“Your mum used to fix it for you. I know I miss her too. I miss her food, smile and the way she laughed. She was one big hell of a person.”

“You can say that again dad. Remember that day when we slept late watching soccer with her,” said Calvin smilingly trying to fix his tie.

“Oh yes I remember. She got mad at us when her team lost. She had to switch off the television for us not to finish our game,” said Andrew polishing his son’s shoes sitting on a bucket. “A drama

queen she was.”

“Indeed she was. I can’t believe we talking about her. But dad. Is love always like that? After what
happened between you and mum. I am scared to get married. Gosh this tie.”
“Let me help you with that. Seems we need to go back to those lessons again,” he took the tie.

“You see son. Your mum and I might have divorced but that doesn’t mean it will happen to you.”

He looked great in his white button down shirt, tucked into a navy blue trousers with black shoes.

“You know I can almost pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming,” he said to his father after
he fixed his tie for him.

He nearly broke down and cried, that’s how happy he was. His father had bought him a new uniform.

“Thank you, dad. You sold your laptop just to buy me a uniform. I promise to work hard,” he said and hugged him.

“I am grown up please. Don’t make me cry. You my son and I can do anything for you. It’s such a
pity Chloe isn’t here. By the way,” he took his wallet from his pocket. “Money for taxi and lunch.

You don’t have to walk today.”

“No, dad. Use that to take a taxi to the hospital.”

“No no remember I have got a bicycle. You take it. Mr Headmaster.”

They both laughed.

“It’s good to see you smile dad. You got me worried that time I saw you drinking,” he grabbed his bag from the chair. “I hope you won’t drink again. Anyway let me go to school. I will see you later
big man,” he walked to the door.
“Say hie to my daughter-in law.”

He smiled at him. It made him very happy seeing his son in a good mood.

He cleaned the room and later cycled to the hospital. At first it was not easy but he got used to it. It was around eleven
when he arrived at the hospital.

The doctor allowed him to see Chloe. Thinking that he could hold his tears.

He started crying seeing his daughter lying on the bed. He sat on the chair and held her

He remembered the times he used to rock her to sleep while a lullaby toy would be playing quietly.

He would wait until she was in a deep sleep before putting her down. By the time she was 13 months, not only could she sleep comfortably out of his arms and without feeding through her

“You would have a quick feed when we got into the bedroom. Then roll away and explore, play, roll and climb,” he went on. “After a while you would lay down and go to sleep. One of us would
always lay down next to you. Sometimes you would come and cuddle up to us,” he wiped the tears.

“I miss you my princess. Daddy miss you and guess what. I bought you another dolly. Her
name is Sofia the first. Hang in there my princess,” he kissed her on the cheek.

He said a prayer and got out of the room. He passed by the market and bought some tomatoes
and onions. He headed back home. He sat in the house, waiting for his son. It was five and he hadn’t shown up. He quickly called his class teacher.

“Mr Kasonde. My son hasn’t shown up home. Is he still at school?” asked Andrew worriedly.

“No, sir. We dismissed them around one so they can have time to study,” responded Mr Kasonde
“Ohhh. Thank you!”
He hanged up the call.
“Where is he?”

He waited for him. Hours passed. He kept pacing up and down the room hoping that he would
show up. His phone rang deep in his thoughts making him jump on his feet. It was around 10pm.

“Hello!” he quickly responded.
“Is this Mr Andrew?”
“Yes yes it is. Who is this?”
“Officer Mildred Ncube from, Sauerstown Police station.”
“What can I do for you?”
“It is about your son.”
“What about him?” asked Andrew nervously
“You better come to the station,” she said and hanged up.

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