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If Only She Knew - Season 1 - Episode 12
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Gently he placed her on the bed. She leant back on her arms as he stood like a magnificent
bullfighter at the side. She trembled as he looked down at her, his eyes as dark as the depths of
the ocean. Nervousness suddenly washed over her. It had been a long time since she had been in
a situation like this, with a man openly desiring her, his intentions clear. She watched him undo his
tie and dropped it to the floor, his jacket soon following. Hungry for him, she let her gaze devour
the strength in his arms as his white shirt pulled tight across his biceps. She bit her lip as he undid
the top buttons, exposing dark chest hair. All the while he watched her with such intensity she
knew she would be powerless to resist him. When his lips pressed briefly against her shoulder she
gasped softly in pleasure. Her phone rang.

“You didn’t switch off your phone?”
“Yes, I am sorry,” she said grabbing her phone on the table.

She quickly cut the call when she saw Andrew’s name on the caller ID.
“Who is it?” he asked.
“My ex husband.”
“Why are you still talking to him?
“I I I j..,” she stammered.

“Listen to me careful Emily. You chose me over him. Meaning you mine and mine alone. I don’t share but if you still want to go back to him. Now is the time because once we get married. I won’t
let you treat me the way you treated Andrew,” he said with a serious look on his face.

The phone rang again. It was Andrew. Max grabbed the phone from Emily and threw it on the floor

breaking into pieces.

“What did you do that for?!” shouted Emily.
“You don’t raise your voice at me. Never talk to Andrew again. Let it be the last time. I will buy you
another phone tomorrow,” he said as he kissed her on the cheek, her forehead, her nose. ” I love you Emily.

Never doubt that. I won’t let you cheat on me with another man. I am obsessed with
you. Your scent, your body. I want you, Emily,” he husked out between each kiss. “I want to make
you mine.”

“I want that too,” she did. Nothing seemed to matter to her except being with Max.

Max woke up in the early hours of dawn, his body heavy and relaxed in a way he had never felt before.

Emily’s scent lingered on the pillow next to him, reawakening the desire that had coursed
like an overflowing river through him last night.

From the other side of the room he heard movement and he propped himself up on his elbow.

With amusement he watched as Emily, sexily naked, appeared to be looking for something to put on. He took in her slender waist, shapely hips and long legs as she stood, her back to him, looking around the room.

“My future wife.”

She turned to face him and despite her nakedness looked in.

“Morning,” she replied huskily, a smile playing about her kissable lips. “I was looking for something to put on.”

“Your bag is in the wardrobe, but you will also find everything else you need in there too.”

She put on her dress and walked out of the room. He grabbed his phone on the table and dialled his number.

“Max!” he responded on the other line.
“Billy, we need to talk,” he said with a low voice. He didn’t want her to hear him. “I will be at your
restaurant in two hours.”

He hanged up the call and headed to the bathroom.
It was around ten in the morning when Andrew decided to go to work. After calling Emily the
previous night to tell her about Chloe, he gave up.

“You going to work?” asked Calvin.
“Yes, we might sleep at the hospital today. I may need to find another part time job. Maybe they will find a donor for Chloe.”

“I miss her, dad.”

“Don’t worry son. She is going to be alright.”

“Did you call mum? Ohh guess she is busy with her man,” said Calvin.

“I did but she didn’t pick up. I think it’s best we let her be. We will save Chloe. You and I,” he said
grabbing his bag which was on the chair. “I better get going. I will see you later. “Okay, dad.”

He walked out of the room and took a taxi. He was worried about his daughter. He didn’t want to lose her. He didn’t know how he was going to find the money to pay for the operation but sooner
than later he needed to find another extra part time job. If it meant working all night he was willing to do so. As he walked at the restaurant after the driver dropped him off a few distance to the
restaurant. He saw Max getting into his car and drove off. He got into the restaurant and walked to the manager.

“Morning, sir,” he greeted.

“Morning!” he responded without looking at him.

“My shift is yet to start. So I am going to put on my uniform,” he said.

“That won’t be necessary,” he said facing him.
“Pardon, sir.”
“You are fired!”
“But what did I do?” he asked with a hint of confusion in his voice.

“You not good for this job. Customers are always complaining about you. Here is your money,” he
said handing him the envelope.

“But sir..,” he stopped at midsentence when his manager walked out on him ignoring his presence.

Andrew didn’t take the envelope but followed his manager needing an explanation.
“Sir!” he called out.

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