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How University Destroy My Life - Season 1 - Episode 6
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Living together with Angela was a very
bad move at the first place, Angela love
men, she sleeps around and flirt with
different men and she dont lack money,
she later introduced me to a guy because
i always beg her for money so she said i cant just be eating her money without
doing what she is doing, she told me that
we will repent after graduating from the
university, she said this is our best time
to enjoy our self. I started going out with
the guy, all my altitude changed, i became a different person entirely. I no
more go to church, i dont read my book
atimes, you will always find us in a night
club or party dance hall.

We were making money sleeping with
different men, we travel far away to go and sleep with men all in the name of
money. I changed my name from Amanda
to Lady Hot. Because we needed protection, i and my
friend joined school cult. The cult was
just for ladies only, the name of the cult
is Black Devils.

I did 7 abortions and i was made the
second in command of the Black Devils campus cult. Sometimes we go for
robbery, we kill anyone that fail to
corporate with us.

I never had the time to read by books
anymore, i lie and collect money from my
parents even when am not in need of it, we were engaged in so many deadly
activities. One day we went for robbery, we were
caught by the police and was taken to
court, they called my parents and told
them that i was caught with some group
of ladies, they did not believe it because

they trusted me. we were later thrown into prison and in prison, we were
detained for 7 years in prison, when i
came out of the prison, i fell sick and my
parents rush me to the hospital, the
doctor did all he could and i was treated
but the doctor said that he discovered something in my body.

He told my parents that i have done
many abortions and for that reason i
cannot be able to give birth when i get
married. My parents wept soberly
because all their effort to send me to the university was just a waste of time.

I have no result.

Am an ex-convict.

I cant give birth anymore.

Oh! university life and pleasure have
destroyed my life, had it been i did not go to university, my life would have been


My Advise To those in University: Dont give your soul to the devil, avoid
living with bad friends, boyfriend and
girlfriend is a terrible sin that will lead you
to abortion and heartbreak.

Angela in the above story started with
just a boyfriend and ended up with many boyfriends.

Keep your body holy for God.

Going to University is good but dont let
the freedom you have over there to
destroy you. Live your life with fear and
trembling having this mind that you are going to give account of your life

Thank you all for reading, the story you
just finished reading was composed to
save many dying souls. its a fictional
story but it have happened to many in
different ways. I pray that almighty God will give you the grace to run from evil in Jesus name.

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