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How University Destroy My Life - Season 1 - Episode 5
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My first day in school, i got to the school
hostel, i met some people but my spirit
was pleased with one person and her
name is Angela, she is tall, fair and
beautiful, i moved in and started living
with Angela, She was so nice to me and we lived together like blood sisters,
Angela love the things of God too just
like me but she’s not that religious than i

I shared with her my past experience in
secondary school and how my admission was delayed for three years, she told me
her own story too. (IN LIFE, EVERYONE
After my first semester in school, i
cleared all my papers, i did not have any
problem in any of my subjects, i passed all.
My friend Angela failed just one subject
but she passed all, she was happy too
but her happiness was not like mine
because i did not fail any subject. Angela had a boyfriend whose name was
Mike, she told me that she love Mike to
the extent that she can even die for him, i
started preaching to Angela that
boyfriend and girlfriend is a terrible sin
before God, the reason why people do boyfriend and girlfriend is just to be
committing immorality. I told her that if
trumpet should sound now that she will
not make heaven with her boyfriend.

I preached to her and advised her just as
my mum advised me but she did not even want to hear me, this issue made her to
keep malice with me for 3days, if i greet
her early in the morning she will not
answer me.

After 3days we settled and became

friends again because we cannot be living in the same room and be keeping
malice to each other. One Sunday morning, i prepared to go to
church, Angela was still on her bed
resting, i told her to dress up so that we
will go to church together, she told me
that her boyfriend will be coming to see
her that Sunday morning. I was still in the house when her boyfriend came and
knocked at our door, Who is that? me
Mike, Angela rushed to the door to meet
him, she welcomed him inside and they
were so happy to see each other.

That very day, when i was about taking my leave, Angela said i should remember
her in my prayers when i get to church,
they both laughed at me and called me
Sister Mary.

I left the both of them in the room and
went to church, when i got to church i was already late but i was able to meet
up before the message of that day in
church. The topic of that day message
was “Saying No To The Devil” our pastor
lamented on the topic and advised us to
always say no to the voice of the devil, he said we
should not allow anyone to deceive us
with vain words, he further explained that
whenever the devil is telling us to do evil
that we should resist him and he will flee
from us Just like our lord Jesus resisted the devil according to the book of
Mathew chapter 4 verses
1 to 11.

After the church service i went back
home, when i got to the hostel and i
opened the door to our room, what i saw changed my mood immediately. I did not knock before entering the room
because i was not expecting to see
anything, i saw Angela and her boyfriend
on the same bed having se.x as if they
are husband and wife.

Is this how you want to end up living your life? I asked Angela. I kept my bible and
went out immediately.

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