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Added: Nov 10, 2018
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How University Destroy My Life - Season 1 - Episode 2
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One afternoon, i came back from school
and after eating my food i went to uncle
ken’s house, when i got there he asked
me to sing for him as usual, i started singing but i was sitting far away from
him, he drew closer to me and started
romancing me, i was just 7years old while
uncle ken was still at his early 30s.

He pinned me to his body, i wanted to
shout but he used his hand to cover my mouth, he removed my skirt and he
defiled me.

He had 5ex with me and threatened to
kill me if i tell my parents, i cried so hard
because the pain on me was so terrible, i
could not walk normal anymore, i was spreading my two legs and blood was
goshing out, i managed to walk home
that very day.

At the evening time around 6pm, my mum
was the first to come back, she found me
sleeping, (i dont even know when i slept off)
According to my mum, she said she was
calling my name but i did not answer, she
tapped me three times before i woke up.
I woke up and started crying, she asked
me to stand up but i couldn’t, she inquired to know what happened to me
and i told her what uncle ken did to me.
She exercised patient and waited for my
dad to come back. when my dad came
back, she narrated the story to him, he
called the police immediately and before the police men could come to our house,
uncle ken was no where to be found.

I was taken to hospital for treatment, the
doctor and the nurses blamed my parents
for being so careless.

The doctor said that it was never a good idea to leave me and uncle ken in one


The police men was still searching for
uncle ken, they got an information that
he is at the motor park and about to take
off, they quickly matched down to the motor park and caught him red handed.

Uncle ken was arrested and taken to
court, he pleaded guilty and he was
thrown into prison to serve for 10 good

I stayed in the hospital for one week after which i was discharged.

My advice to parents: Please dont leave
your little daughter in the hands of a
single man thinking that nothing will
happen, devil can use anybody but dont give room to it and dont also leave your
son in the hands of a single lady, they
can use them as 5ex toy. The days are

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