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Honest Illusion - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Chris had made his way out of his lodge without thinking. He had felt something was wrong when Oprah hadn’t turned up on time.

Why his Oprah, of all the girls on campus? Why now? If she had been involved in this born again thing when they met, he would not have touched her with a 50 feet pole. Just when he had begun to settle down, believing he found ‘the one’, everything seemed to be falling apart.

There was no way he could have any relationship with Oprah without being sexually expressive because goddamnit he could not keep his hands off her. And how else would she show him that she loved him? He was a man. It was a natural thing, a biological thing and if those hypocrites at RCF would say the truth, they could not do without sex either. If it was a sin then all his friends and every normal man were all sinners. Speaking about his friends, what would Tonye and Luke say? This would be a major falling hand on his part if he didn’t handle issues with Oprah well.
It started drizzling as he walked down his street aimlessly. If he had agreed to meet Oprah outside her lecture hall, all these wouldn’t have happened. He wasn’t prepared to break up with her. But her decision to stop sleeping with him was as good as breaking them up. It was indeed a most confusing matter. He had to find a way out of this unbelievable situation. He looked at his wristwatch when he got to his lodge and was surprised to discover that he had been walking around for an hour. It was already 10:00pm.

Bleep! He left his phone in the room so he could not call his caretaker to open the gate. His best bet was to bang on the gate like a lunatic and rouse everyone in the lodge from sleep. He hated it but he had to do it anyways. After the third round of banging he heard his caretaker, Wene’s voice.

“Who be dat?” He asked agitated.
“Oga Wene na me, Chris.”
He sighed and after a few minutes, opened the gate. Chris could sense the tense atmosphere. Lately, the robbery attacks of student lodges in Aluu was on a steady increase giving every inhabitant of the place a cause for concern.

“Abeg no vex say I dey disturb. I no carry my phone commot,” he explained to the caretaker.

“No lele, but next time try carry am o!”
“Sure, I go see you tomorrow morning when I dey commot.”

This brightened Wene’s features considerably, “Chris! Chris!! You be correct guy!”

The wan smile Chris plastered on his face for the benefit of his caretaker vanished as he got to the stairs leading to his room. He was a bit apprehensive. What if Oprah had left his room? It might not be a good idea to allow her a whole night to reflect over the events of the day. If she told any of her new fellow ‘converts’ or God forbid, any of those hypocritical RCFites what happened, he would certainly become history. He rushed back to the room and used his key to open the door hoping that she would still be there waiting for him.

To Chris’ relief, Oprah was still in his room, sleeping. He could not believe his luck as he gently woke her up.

“Oprah, I’m so sorry, I don’t know…”
Oprah would not let him continue. “Oh Chris!” She gasped and hugged him. “You’re home safe. I’m so sorry, I should have been more understanding. I shouldn’t have sounded that way, I should ha__”

She didn’t know what she was saying. All she knew was that she could not bear the thought of breaking up with him as the tears she had tried to hold on to escaped her eyes.

He held her tightly and covered her face with kisses as she also clung to him tightly. He could taste the salty tears as they cascaded in trickles. His kisses became more intense and although Oprah tried to resist, she gave in and they had sex.

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