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Honest Illusion - Season 1 - Episode 7
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Evergreen Lodge, Aluu. 10pm…

Oprah stood by the window staring at the dark night outside. Chris’ reaction had confused her. He did not appear to have taken her serious at all. She turned back to look at Chris who appeared to be reading a magazine.

Chris was however deep in thought. Oprah born again? He didn’t know what to think. He really could not stand those RCFites. Would she start to dress like them? He shuddered only considering it, God forbid!

He believed that God was his father and that was just fine with him. He was an usher at Our Saviour’s Chapel, the interdenominational church on campus. For an undergrad to be an usher was quite an achievement. Most undergrads did not even go to church at all. After Saturday night parties, it was usually impossible for anyone to make it to church. He had been like that too, until, quite remarkably, he decided to give up on Saturday night parties. Friday nights were enough. Since he had a steady girl, he really did not feel like he was missing out on anything. He honestly could not stand the taste of beer. He had never indulged in smoking. So, what more did he have to do right?

He got up and went over to Oprah. He had to be careful, he reasoned. It was best to take things easy, for now. Maybe it was just a passing fancy. He did not want any arguments tonight. He had been waiting all evening for her.

When Chris pulled her closer, Oprah knew what was coming. She prayed silently that he would understand and not insist. She prayed wrong.

Chris wanted her. He started by kissing his way down gently from her earlobe to her neck as he was sure this would ignite the desire in her and in no time she would be m0an!ng in his arms. She tried her best, politely, to turn him down, but he was adamant. He was getting a hard-on from her gentle resistance.

“Don’t you love me anymore?” Oprah asked as his hands found their way underneath her cotton top to her boobs.
“Don’t be ridiculous. What is this about? Are you seeing someone else?” Oprah gently pushed him away.
“You know that’s not true,” she was becoming confused.

“Maybe this sudden doubt of my love is just to get rid of me.”
“I’m just tired, besides I don’t feel very well.” She moved away from the window and stood by the bed. She could tell by his expression that he did not believe her. Perhaps she should come out with the truth. She was going to have to face it one day.
“What’s really going on?” Chris asked moving nearer.

She sighed, here goes nothing. “I can’t do it anymore. I believe having premarital sex with you is a sin.”

Chris was quiet. She looked at him. He looked stunned. He kept staring at the floor and then he suddenly turned, opened the door of the room and walked out.

“Chris! Chris!” Oprah called after him.
He did not answer her. Confused, she sat on the bed sobbing. Perhaps she should not have turned down his advances. Maybe she should have waited for him to understand more about being born again. She did not know what to do next

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