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Honest Illusion - Season 1 - Episode 5
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Oprah could see Chris underneath the almond tree directly opposite the Student Affairs Centre. He was frowning. What could be bothering him?

“Who was that guy?”

The tone of Chris’s voice bothered Oprah. Was he angry about something?

“I don’t get, what guy?”
“What do you mean, what guy? Don’t act dumb with me!”

Oprah realized he was referring to Efe.
“Oh, you mean Efe, Ruth’s friend,” she responded finally.

“I don’t care if he’s Ruth’s friend or not. If he wants to see Ruth, he can go to Lagos where she’s serving. I don’t want to see him near you again. Okay?”

Oprah was quiet. This was not her sweet, considerate and loving Chris. He didn’t even mind that they were out in the open.

“Did you hear me?”Chris bellowed.
“Yes. I heard you,” Oprah replied quietly, not wanting to cause a scene.

Chris smiled. He was in control . “Come on baby, let’s go get something to eat.”
He took her by the hand and led her towards the restaurant.

Throughout the meal Oprah hardly spoke. She was getting worried about Chris. A lot had changed about him and if she didn’t know any better she would swear he wasn’t the same guy she had agreed to go out with. A lot had happened in their one month old relationship that sometimes she wondered if they hadn’t gone too fast.

She noticed that he felt insecure. He questioned her endlessly about any guy he saw near her. It was as if he believed that she was looking around to start dating someone else now she was in school. And she couldn’t understand why, since they were supposed to be in love . She pushed her plate aside. She had hardly eaten anything.

“Is everything alright?”Chris asked.
“As fine as they can be,” she replied coldly. “What was all that about?”
He frowned and swallowed, “all what about?”

Oprah let out a hollow laugh, “so we are role-playing now huh? Okay let me refresh your memory in case you’ve forgotten. What was all that posturing and show of machismo about?”

Posturing and show of machismo He opened his mouth to speak but something about her tone made him swallow back his words. Now wasn’t the time or place
In a gentle motion that bellied how he really felt, he placed his hand over hers and surprisingly she didn’t pull away.

“Baby you know how it is with all these Uniport boys and girls they see as ‘Jambitoes’. They will do all they can to bed as many of them as possible.”

“And I’ve told you countless times, they can’t get me, I have you for crying out loud and heaven knows you’re a handful” she said pouting.

Chris tried his best to look contrite, “I know baby, I just can’t help myself sometimes. You’re so lovely and pretty, I can’t bear to have another man touch you. I’ll die sweetie, I just cant__”

Oprah’s heart melted and her features brightened considerably. “Its okay baby, I understand”.

He caressed her hand softly as he held her gaze. “I love you baby, never forget that”.
“I love you too honey” she said and smiled, holding on to his hand till he finished his lunch.

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