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Honest Illusion - Season 1 - Episode 4
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Choba, Port Harcourt, a few weeks later…

Everyone in the PS main auditorium looked lively and excited. The rigors of registration had not dampened the excitement of being newly admitted undergraduates at the unique University of Port Harcourt.

The lecturer for the class had not arrived and most of the students were chatting and moving around the lecture hall. Oprah looked around. The girls in the Faculty of Humanities appeared to be the best dressed on campus. Many of those in the lecture hall looked like they had just stepped out of fashion magazines.

The lecturer, a young looking Professor finally arrived and gave an introductory lecture on Linguistics, Language and Media (LCS100). By the time Oprah realized that he had no intention of dictating his lecture notes, the lecture was over. How was she supposed to make notes? Oprah looked around wondering if she was the only one in such predicament. Nobody appeared to be complaining.

The lecture over, Oprah made her way out of the hall quickly. She didn’t have another lecture until three hours later. Chris would be waiting at Choba campus where he had most of his lectures to have lunch.

She was a few meters away from the Faculty of Humanities and about to cross to the other side of the road when a black Mercedes convertible skidded to a halt, a few feet from her. A guy leaned out of the driver’s seat and called her name. Oprah was surprised, as she didn’t know him.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know you.” Oprah responded.

“Yea, you’ve only met me once at a party. I’m Efe, Ruth’s friend,” came the cheery reply. “May I give you a ride?”

Efe the cocaine fellow? Oprah hesitated. Would he offer her some coke in the car? She didn’t think so.

“I’m going to Choba campus.”
“Hop in.”

She got into the car and Efe sped off like a rocket.

“Care for some coke?” He asked.
Oprah was taken aback. “What?”
“Care for some Coke?” Efe repeated. He held out a can of Coca-cola.

Oprah heaved a sigh of relief and declined his offer.

“Something wrong?”
I thought you meant cocaine. I know what happened in your house, you drug addict.
“Nothing is wrong. I’m just grateful for the ride. It would have been an uncomfortable wait for the shuttle bus to fill up.”

“Anytime, baby. What are you doing this evening?”

Getting as far away from you as possible
“I’ve got loads of notes to write. Why?”
“There’s this neat party going down later tonight.”

“Sorry. I definitely can’t make it. Maybe some other time.”

“Don’t get too serious, girl. You won’t have any fun burying yourself in books. You gotta get out and be cool.”

Oprah laughed. Ruth had definitely come off cool from her experience at his place. These days she was always secluded in her room reading the bible, according to their mother. Oprah promised to think about it.

They had gotten to Choba at the Student Affairs Centre where Chris was supposed to meet her up. She got down and thanked him as he sped off. Phew! Good riddance, she thought as she waved at him.

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