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Honest Illusion - Season 1 - Episode 20
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She opened her eyes hours later. It was dark, and the lightbulbs were off. In the glimmer of light from the hallway that streamed underneath the closed door, she could see her mother’s figure on a chair at the foot of her bed.”Honey, I will be here all night. Sleep. Rest,” she said. She got up and sat on her bed. She caressed her hair. “I was so scared when they called and told me what had happened. I’ve prayed more than I thought I could these past few days. Now the doctor says you’re going to be okay.” She traced her hand down Oprah’s cheeks that had looked swollen and puffy the day before. “Yourfather has been by your bedsideevery night these past three days. He has not slept a wink.”Oprah’s smile was wan as she looked at her mother in the dimroom. At least her and her father had gotten over their differences to attend to their child. She felt herself drifting away again.

****Two days later…Seye told her that evening thatshe would be discharged in two days. But she would not be going back to her room. She would be coming to school from her father’s place on Sani Abacha, Old GRA. It was going to be quite a shuttle to school from Town but that had been the only compromise her motherwas able to reach with her father who had wanted her sent abroad to continue her studies.Seye had told her mother all that had transpired between Oprah and Chris. Chris was overwhelmingly protective and jealous that’s why he had been livid that day. Justice Williams had wanted him to rot in prisonfor what he did to her daughterbut he’d gotten off with a light sentence because of his parent’s influence.”I don’t even know where to start,” Oprah muttered after he was done. “It was so foolish of me to think he had changed and actually hope for a future of us together.”Seye took one of her hands in his, “it wasn’t dear. Its just a part of the human nature to always look for some good in others.””I guess. Sometimes I wish I could be like you Seye, wise, thoughtful and so at peace withyourself and everyone,” Oprah sighed.A soft smile played on Seye’s lips as he stared deeply into her eyes, “I wasn’t always like this, infact I was the direct opposite of this,” he said gesticulating at himself, “severalyears ago.””Oh wow, I find that quite hard to believe.””Believe it dear, everyone has apast and Seye Akintunde’s was really messy.”Well, you’re in luck,” she said smiling. “I’m in the mood for a nice bedtime story.”Seye’s smile widened brightening his features as his fingers softly caressed her hands, “Alright then.” He said softly.

The End.

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