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Honest Illusion - Season 1 - Episode 19
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UPTH, two days later…When she opened her eyes, she knew at once that she was not in her bed. The mattress was firmer than hers. She made to get up, but pain shot through her whole body. She collapsed back.”Oh my baby, Oprah!” Her mother stood up and pressed her hand to her forehead, then her face to hers. “Thank God. Thank God you are awake.”Her face felt clammy with tears. She looked disheveled and disoriented, something Oprah had not seen in a long time. The honorable Justice Williams was always steadfast in her dressing with no hair out of place but now a few hairs escaped the messy bun on her head. It was shocking to see her like this.”Where am I?” She asked.”My baby, you’re in a hospital, you’ve been out for two days after what that brute did to you.”She gasped as memories from that day came flooding back.”Chris.” She mumbled.Her mother’s eyes turned to burning spheres at the mention of his name. “That brute! He’s going to wish he was never bornby the time I’m done with him.” She whispered fiercely.A doctor in white was in the room, at the foot of her bed. He was speaking slowly but precisely, yet she could not hear it all. Broken rib. Heal nicely. Head concussion. She wasnot sure if it was all a dream. She closed her eyes.****Seye’s face was looking down at her when she opened her eyes. She was dreaming it, imagining it and yet she wished that it did not hurt so much to smile, so that she could.”Oprah. Oprah. Are you awake?” Seye’s voice was deeper, less melodious in her dreams.”Ophie!” It was her sister, Ruth’s voice. Her face appearednext to Seye’s. She was attiredin a corper’s uniform, Oprah wanted to joke about her status as an otondo but she couldn’t get the words out. Shetried to smile, she felt woozy. Something was slipping out of her, slipping away, taking her strength and sanity, and she could not stop it.

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