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Honest Illusion - Season 1 - Episode 17
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Pritaso Block B, two weeks later…Oprah was humming all the way home. She felt so happy and at peace with herself and couldn’t remember feeling this way in a really long time. She unlocked her room door and after entering, put on the light. She jumped back immediately when she saw she wasn’t alone.”Chris!” She squeaked, “you startled me!” He had probably used the spare key she gave him to let himself in.”Its 10pm, where have you been?” He asked calmly, rising from the bed. “I called and sent you messages for hours and nothing. You didn’t pick anyof my calls or reply my messages.””Oh that,” Oprah shrugged. “I was in a prayer meeting, went on a retreat. Couldn’t pick yourcalls. I was planning to call when I got back home.””What prayer meeting and with who? I don’t remember seeing a service ongoing when I passed RCF this evening. Infactfrom what I remember, the gate was locked!” His voice was beginning to take on an edge Oprah didn’t like.”It was at the secretariat in Choba, Seye can attest to it.”At the mention of Seye, Chris seemed to go rigid. “You’re a bloody liar!” He bellowed. “I sawSeye coming back from classes when I came looking for you and he’s been in his room ever since!””Don’t raise your voice at me orcall me names, that Seye can attest to it doesn’t mean he was in my company. If you’d asked him about it, he would have told you! Look I’m tired, can we not do this please?””What games are you playing Oprah?””What are you talking about? I’m not playing any games” she replied befuddled. Something about Chris’ demeanor was sending shivers down her spine.”So tell me where the bloody hell you’ve been all day!””On retreat like I told you!”Oprah didn’t see his arm shoot out until it was too late. He gave her a resounding slap thatsent her staggering backwards.She was shocked to her bones.”You slapped me? How dare you_””And I’ll do it again if you don’ttell me where the hell you’ve been for the past 6 hours! You liar!” Chris spat not bothering to hide his rage.Oprah was angry but she managed to fight for control. She walked over to her door and wrenched it open.”Get out of my room,” she said calmly.”What?!””I said get out of my room and give me back my keys. I don’t ever want to see you again!”She didn’t see the almost maniacal glimmer in his eyes as he lunged for her, until it was too late. He shoved her hard tothe floor and started slapping her. The last thing she could remember was the sting of the metal buckle on her exposed skin and the salty wetness thatwarmed her mouth before she slipped away into quiet.

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