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Honest Illusion - Season 1 - Episode 16
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RCF, Aluu…

Oprah couldn’t believe the change that had come over Chris. For the past two weeks, he had been nothing but a gentleman to the hilt. No arguments, no show of jealousy and the most important, no demand for sex. As if that wasn’t enough, she had managed to convince him to come for Tuesday service with her and to her surprise, he had.

He was standing up for first timers recognition and Oprah felt her spirits soar. If they managed to move past this phase in their relationship, they could have their own happily ever after. God knows that was what she wanted because she loved Chris so much. No guy had ever made her feel like she meant the world to him like he did. Her friends usually talked about how their first relationships went sour after a couple of months but Oprah didn’t want that to happen to her and Chris. They loved each other and planned to get married after school.
Things just had to work out for them!


Seye had seen Oprah come into the fellowship site with Chris in tow and he had been slightly surprised. Oprah had told him all about their relationship and the fracas that had followed her announcement of giving her life to Christ. She was genuine about it, that he could tell but Chris was another matter.

For the past few days during their walks back home from church, she had gushed about the sudden change that seemed to have come over Chris. He was happy for her but something about Chris’ manner didn’t gel with the story. He didn’t want to seem like a cynic so he had been pleasantly happy for Oprah but in his heart of hearts, he prayed that Chris had genuinely changed.


Chris was getting increasingly impatient but he tried his best not to show it. Oprah was still having a nice chat with her newfound ‘friend’, Seye, who she never seemed to stop talking about. He glanced at his wristwatch, they had kept him waiting for almost 20 minutes!

He watched them warily. Oprah had told him, her and Seye were nothing but good christian friends but Chris found it difficult to believe. Not with the way he always seemed to crop up in every conversation they had or the way she spent more time in Seye’s company than his lately. His eyes narrowed as he regarded them, Seye seemed like every boyfriend’s worst nightmare; handsome, suave and with the whole ‘born again’ vibe, he was bound to get any girl he wanted, her being in a relationship, notwithstanding. Chris knew Seye was bound to make a move on his girlfriend because she was quite a looker. No man, worth his salt, wouldn’t want to be with her. But he wasn’t going to give up Oprah without a fight. He would become the perfect boyfriend so she would find it difficult to leave him. He just couldn’t stand the thought of Oprah in another man’s arms, he couldn’t.

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