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Honest Illusion - Season 1 - Episode 14
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“Who’s Seye to you?” He demanded as he strode into the room immediately she opened the door.

Oprah groaned. “Chris please…”
“Please what? Who the hell is he and why was he acting all territorial about you last night?”

“That’s ridiculous Chris because the last I remember, you were the one acting territorial! You’re the one always acting territorial!”

His eyes narrowed to slits, “are you shouting at me Oprah?”

His voice was dangerously low and Oprah found herself backing down in the face of his fury. “He’s just a church member.”
“He’s just a church member yet you found it cozy to walk home with him, no doubt laughing your heads off at the expense of your lunatic boyfriend.”

“Chris please stop this, I’m preparing for school.”

“Is he the reason you decided to stop sleeping with me too?” He asked unrelenting and when Oprah didn’t reply, he got more furious. “Is he?!”

“No, of course not.” Oprah was getting more confused by the minute, what was wrong with Chris? This was definitely not the guy she said ‘yes’ to at that party.
“So who was? Huh? And why didn’t you reply my message last night?”
Oprah had had enough, she walked to her wardrobe to pick out her clothes without replying him. When he was tired of making a fool of himself, he would leave. Something was definitely wrong with him. But she miscalculated.

Chris was past the mood for niceties. He strode to her and pulled her back by her shoulders. “Don’t ignore me while I’m talking to you…”

“Or you’ll do what?” Oprah was furious now. “If you aren’t tired, I am Chris, I am. I’m tired of your posturing and petty jealousy, I’m __”

Before she could continue his palm whipped out and struck her face. Oprah staggered under the force of the slap and sat on the bed. She was astounded.

“Y-you slapped me?”
Chris looked shell shocked. The scales suddenly seemed to have fallen out of his eyes. “I-I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to.”
“Get out!” She said softly, “get out of my sight!”

He looked puzzled as he mumbled an apology to her and left. Oprah massaged her aching cheeks in slow circles. What the hell was wrong with Chris?

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