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Honest Illusion - Season 1 - Episode 10
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It was 2:00 p.m on Monday and Oprah still had not got up from her bed. She missed her 10:00 a.m lecture and she still didn’t have the inclination to get up from her bed where she had lain since 7:00 a.m.

She felt miserable as she reflected over the events of that weekend. She had thought her desire for sex would have disappeared since she was now a christian. But it hadn’t felt like that two nights ago when she had m0aned and writhed in pleasure as Chris’ adept fingers and lips touched places in her body. Places she didn’t know could elicit such pleasurable feelings in her and would leave her begging for more.

She cringed as memories of the time spent with Chris over the weekend played over and over in her head. The evangelist had explained that when you got saved you became a new creature,

“old things pass away and all things become new.” Apparently it didn’t include her desire for sex

She had imagined that it would be easy to stop having sex with Chris. That had not happened instead she had yearned for it, she had begged him to continue. She knew she had sinned and felt very ashamed. It was as if she had betrayed someone’s trust and there was no one to talk to. Nobody could possibly understand how she felt.

Her phone beeped with a message. She did not feel like looking at her phone let alone reading the message. She did not want any communication with the outside world, she felt so sad and guilty. She wanted to turn her phone face down on her bedside stool where it was but changed her mind and decided to read the message.
It was from RCF UNIPORT and it was an invitation to the new convert’s class that evening. She had forgotten all about it and wondered if she was still a convert after all she had done with Chris. She wondered if she was even God’s child after last weekend.

Despite her misgivings, as she stared at the message, something inside her seemed to be nudging her to attend the new convert’s class. She really did not understand very much about being saved and the RCFites seemed to be the only ones who knew anything about it.

Of course she had not made it to church on Sunday morning, she was not sure but it was almost as if Chris did not want her near RCF even though it was just opposite his lodge. He did not go to church either. He said he just wanted them to be together all weekend.

Now she felt terrible. She had a conviction that God was not with her. She had heard that a Catholic could confess to a reverend father who would prescribe what they had to do to get their sins forgiven. She did not know whether confessing to the president of RCF would have the same effect. As there was no point staying in her room and feeling miserable, she decided to go for the new converts class later in the evening.


Sunnas Restaurant, Aluu…

Chris was having dinner with his two best friends, Tonye and Luke. They were his friends from the same department but everyone in their class knew both boys were bad news. It was even rumored that Tonye was a member of the deadliest cult on campus, the dreaded “V”.

“Oh boy wida that your chick na, wetin you tell me say she dey yarn on Friday?” Tonye said after a thoughtful swallow of the palatable fufu and egusi soup before him.
“O mehn, no be small thing o!” Chris intoned licking off the remains of native soup on his fingers. ” I no no wetin carry am go RCF on friday wey she come room that evening dey yarn kpaks. She say she don turn born again say our kpanshing na sin.”

Both boys burst into raucous laughter that attracted some stares from the other customers seated in the small restaurant. Chris was feeling a little uncomfortable at the attention they were attracting.

Tonye placed a reassuring palm on his shoulders. “O boy no vex say we dey laugh but the thing just funny die.”

“As in eh, all these Uniport girls no get chill. Instead make she say she don see another bobo, she wan use born again do excuse.”

Chris was taken aback, “Another bobo how?”

“O boy no tell me say you believe that her story?” Tonye asked incredulous.
“I believe am o. Oprah no be like other girls, she dey different.”

Tonye and Luke burst into laughter again, louder and more sarcastic this time.

“Story for the dogs! No be only different, my guy leave trash for LAWMA jare,” Tonye replied. “That b*tch has found another guy and she wants to leave you for him. If una commot kpanshing from the relationship, wetin go remain?”

Chris jolted upright in his chair and seemed uneasy at Tonye’s assertions.

“Don’t tell me you believed that her stupid excuse that she’s now born again? Everyone is born again on campus in case you haven’t noticed. I attend church regularly every Sunday.” Luke said.

Tonye smirked, “as in eh, every Sunday service was a hit back-to-back.”

Chris was deep in thought and didn’t join in on their jokes. Tonye and Luke seemed to have a point, maybe that was the real reason why Oprah was beginning to act funny. It was all beginning to make sense.

“O boy leave that babe, she don cast. No worry you go find another babe, dem full ground,” Tonye was saying.

But Chris did not hear, he could not bring himself to hear what his friends were telling him. He loved Oprah, he didn’t want any of the other girls. None of them compared to her in beauty and pedigree. She was the best thing to happen to him in a while and he would be damned to let her go.

Never. If he did not have her, no one else would have his Oprah. Nobody, he vowed silently.

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