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His Secret (The magical spell) - Season 1 - Episode 22
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Epi 21

“sweet heart are you okay?” Kelly asked
“am more than okay, thanks a lot” I
hugged him.

He held my hand leading me to the room.
“Kelly I want to know more about you” I
said stopping halfway.

“what do you want to know about me? She

“everything, from the beginning” I replied.
“okay, let’s go back to the room I would
tell you”

I sat in between his legs while he wrapped
his hand around my waist.


“Kelly so have you found your own rib?”
Elliot my bestie asked.
“not yet” I replied.
“just keep searching for someone like your
aunt Valarie until you get old and die” he
said making stupid gestures.
“my aunt is so beautiful and too perfect, I
want someone like her” I said in a low

Aunt Valarie has always been my favorite, I
loved everything about her, if not that she
was my aunt, I swear I would have been
crushing on her after all age those not

“what are you thinking about huh? I silly
boy” Elliot said bringing me out from my
stupid thought.
“it’s late already, let’s start going back
I stood up and the both of us started
walking back home.

“don’t tell dad that I am just coming back
home now” I said to one of our guards.
“it’s him, capture him” he shouted
alighting the orders and they started
running to where I was.
“something is definitely wrong
somewhere” I said to myself.
I started at his eyes, that was when I

realized that they where been controlled
and following orders of someone I was yet
to know.

“I need to tell my parents” I teleported to
there chamber only to see them on the
floor half dead.
“mum, dad please say something” I said
almost in tears.
“only you can save our kingdom and the
inhabitants” he said with a cracking voice.
“dad what are you saying” I asked because
I couldn’t stay without them, I can’t even
think of staying without them.
“your aunt, your…. ”
“wow, aunt Valarie has finally returned,
she would help us fight thus intruders” I
said cutting him off.
“she’s the evil, please save our people” he

“son we love you so much” my mum said
holding my hands.
“mum please stop saying this, you guys
promised to stay with me, why break the
promise” I cried.
To my surprise my mum and my dad
transferred all there powers to me before
giving up.

I cried my eyes out and regretted ever
staying out late.
“finally the rude brat arrived” I heard her
voice clearly.
“aunt please don’t do this” I begged.
“it’s too late son” she laughed evilly.
She tried to take my parents powers but
“d--n it, did they give it to you” she asked

She tried taking it from me but couldn’t.
I was too weak not physically but
emotionally because my parents just
passed away.

She tried killing me like she did to my
parents but couldn’t.

She was scared of my powers so she cast a
spell on me that way I won’t be able to use
my powers or stop her from reigning over
my people.

I couldn’t enter my kingdom anymore
because I was under a spell.

I could hear the cries of innocent people
and it made me weak.

I stayed in animal form for a hundred and
fifty years before transforming to human.


“am so sorry, but can’t this spell be
broken?” she asked.
“am not sure, but we can’t see on a full
moon” I said.
“why don’t you allow me to see you?” she
“am scared that I might kill you just like I
did to cherry. On full moon I can’t control
myself” I explained.
“okay, thanks for sharing your story with
me, I would help you out in anyway
possible” she said sleepily.

I can’t tell Lilly about how the spell would
be broken because I know that she would
want to do.
“right now, she’s my life if anything
happens to her then I am doomed” I said
to myself as I watched her sleep.

…….the next day…….

The semester was over so we just went to
have fun.
“I wasn’t happy with that the girls kept
gluing to you” I said pretending to be
“it’s not my fault and besides, you have to
get use to it because you have a cute
boyfriend” he said boastfully.
It was 9:45 pm already.
“why did you park the car?” I asked him.
” I want you” he replied.
“you aren’t serious right?” I asked
“after tempting me all day you where
supposed to be expecting such” He replied.
I don’t know what he pressed, all I know is
that the seat become flat.
“what if someone is coming” I asked.
“they won’t see a thing, my glass is tinted”
he replied.

He lowered himself to me as he kissed me

“I love you so much” I said in a voice that
was almost a whisper.
“it’s just a quickie so let’s forget about
romance for now” I said kissing him

I felt him lift my gown up as he slid my
[email protected] down.

I really loved the way he treated me during
sex, and it makes me want to love him

The he was going in and out of me made
my leg coil.

He was going so fast because I was I told
him to be himself when we are together.
He was so fast that I felt him in my
“if my womb doesn’t shift today, then it
would never shift again” I said to myself.

As usual he released inside of me.
“let’s have mire sex when we get home” I
said with my legs still wrapped around

He wanted to kiss me but stopped halfway.
“my aunt is here” he said and my heart
“how did you know?’ I asked.
He shifted from me and arranged himself
properly and I did same.
“where is she?” I asked.

He pointed his hands at the road and to my
surprise I saw an angel sitting on a bench
at the road side with a flower on her hand
as she kept sniffing it. Indeed, she was an
angel just as Kelly described her.
“Kelly let’s don’t leave the car,just drive
past her” I said in fear.

“let’s go and meet her on our own free will
or else we would do it in a hard way” he

“is she that powerful?” I asked and he
nodded his head.

We left the car and went to where she was

“what do you want” Kelly ask.
She didn’t reply, she just kept smiling.
“this flower is so pretty isn’t it” she asked
smiling charmingly.

Indeed devils are three cutest.
To my surprise the beautiful flowers wider
and become ugly.
” and now it is gone” she laughed again.
“are you done having fun? If you want
more sex you can still do it, I would give
you more time because this would be your
last” she said now looking at us.
Kelly tried coming to where I was,she only
snapped her fingers and he flew hitting the

“Kelly!” I shouted trying to run to him but
she used her fingers to control me and
soon I was standing beside her.
Kelly tried to stand up again and she made
him hit himself on a tree and I felt his

Before I could say Jack we were in a cave
that looked scary.
I was taken away by unknown people and
Kelly couldn’t do anything because he lost
his powers.

……..Kellys pov……..

“aunt please spare her” I begged.
“she would be tortured so badly that she
would die a painful death” she said and I
knew deep down that she meant it.
“I would do anything you want but please
don’t hurt her” I begged crying.
“go to the forest and be the animal you are
and stay away from humans” she said with
her eyes widely opened.

“I will do it but let me just take a look at
her once” I pleased.
She took me to where Lilly was and I felt
bad seeing her in that shape.
She was bleeding from her forehead and
mouth, it seems that she got tired and
passed out.

I kissed her forehead and then her lips.
“I love you so much” I said crying.
“time up, you can now leave” she barked.
I turned to a cheetah and ran deep into the

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