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His Secret (The magical spell) - Season 1 - Episode 21
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She stood up as if nothing happened
touched herself and smiled.
“Kelly thanks a lot for helping me out, I
really appreciate” she wanted to hug me
but paused.
“it’s getting late, you can now leave” she
said going to sit.
“that’s true, let’s go together” I offered.
“I would go alone”
“why” I asked.
“your girlfriend is already worried about
you, who knows she might be waiting
outside your house for you to come and I
don’t want to delay you so please leave
first” I stared at her and I knew that she
wasn’t happy inside.
“you are right” I replied
“you must really love her a lot, I saw the
way you looked at her, the sex with her
etc. You’ve never behaved like that towards
me when we were dating”
“Lilly wha….”
“it’s the truth, just leave to avoid wasting
your time” she said angrily.
“you left me first and now…… ”
“I didn’t leave you”
“I know, my aunt was behind it but why
didn’t you resist” I said with a high voice
this time.
“your aunt didn’t do anything and I don’t
f-----g know who your aunts is. Elsie did
it” she shouted.
“wow, wow, wow, now I know where you
are heading to”
“you told me to be friendly with her to
avoid her getting suspicious of our plans, I
did just that and I didn’t know that she had
bad intentions towards me. She offered to
draw a tattoo on my back and I agreed.

After she did that, I lost every memory of
you, she was with my phone, so she was

able to blacklist your number and deleted
our pictures together.

Earlier this month, Ruth and I made a bet
with that she was able to remove the
tattoo and I came back to my senses. I
came early the following morning to tell
you about it and there I received the
shocker of my life my boyfriend was
having the best make out ever.

There is no need crying over a split milk,
things happen for a reason” how could
Elsie do this and why.
“how can it start raining now” I heard her

She was still on a towel because her dress
was ruined by that jerk.
“put this on” I gave her my shirt.
“I don’t need it, I would manage on my
own” she declined.

I went closer to her and tried putting it on
around her.
“didn’t you hear me? Stay away from me
and stop trying to show fake affections
towards me” share said angrily throwing it
“am not showing fake attention towards
you” I replied.
“Kelly please just let me be” she said trying
to hide her tears.

She stood up from the bed heading out of
the room.
“let go of me” she yelled trying to free
herself because I was holding her.
“I lost you once and I would let you go
again” I kissed her forcefully because she
didn’t want to give in.
“Kelly are you insa…” I kissed her again.
“Lilly I love you and not Elsie can’t you see
that” I said staring at her with hunger in
My eyes.

“Kelly you don’t you are just mis….. “I love
you so much and that’s it. I don’t know
how I fell for Elsie all I know is that after
what happened today, it was as if
something left me” I explained.
“so do you now believe that Elsie was
deceiving you?” she asked.

I was really confused deep down and I
didn’t know what to believe.
I trust Lilly so much as for Elsie everything
she told me about my people was true
because I saw it with my eyes.
“am not sure” I replied.
“I would prove to you who that witch
really is even if it means dying” she swore.
“I want to spend the night with you in your
house” she said surprising me.
“why the sudden change of mind? “I asked.
“you don’t want me to come right? or are
you scared that your… ”
“let’s go” I cut her off immediately.
At Kelly’s residence
“what took you so long,i was really
worried about you ” Elsie said immediately
I entered the house. “and where is your
shirt” she asked.

She haven’t seen Lilly that’s why she was
asking questions.

I shifted a little and Lilly walked in shocking

“are you surprised to see me?” she asked.
“I wasn’t expecting you that’s why” she
replied in a calm voice.
” its my boyfriends house so don’t be
surprised” she walked pass her and I could
see the hurt in her eyes

…….Lilly’s pov…….

“I would make her show her true colors
today” I said to myself.
I was in the bathroom when Kelly entered
his room.

I touched my neck and I couldn’t still
believe that I was alive .

I remembered Justin’s word and I became

“mum and dad, Justin was was right, I have
no one in this world that would stay by my
side,thats why he could take advantage of
me. Why did you guys leave me alone in
this world?” I asked myself crying.
“they didn’t, am with you and will always
be by your side” Kelly said walking to
where I was.

“Kelly you… ”
“I won’t leave you again” he hugged me

I could see Elsie’s smile faded away
immediately she entered the room to look
for Kelly.

I cleaned my fake tears and gave a gloating
look at her.

“you taught me how to do this and I would
do more” I said still smiling.

When we let go, I pretended to be sad.
“please stay with me tonight” I pleaded.
“I wasn’t planning on leaving you either”
he said.

I sat on his laps as I crossed my hands
around his shoulder.

We were opposite each other but very

“I missed you so much, I was really scared
because I thought that you wouldn’t
return, I was beginning to believe that I
was meant to be lonely and.. ”
“Lilly please don’t say that, I was such a
fool, I would never leave your side again
that’s a promise” he kissed my tears and I
smiled weakly.

I kissed his lips for a while before starting
at his beautiful face.

“I love you so much my Lilly” hearing those
words coming from him made me happy.
“I love you too” we indulge in a deeper kiss
and I knew were we were heading to.
“am not good at this do it with someone
perfect” I tried shifting away but he didn’t

“I wasn’t with my senses back then, it was
lust and nothing else” he replied and it
really made me happy
“Okay, if you say so”
We didn’t need anybody’s permission to
start again.

“ahhh,i love it like that” I said without

His finger was really doing magic inside of

“I won’t let anyone have my boyfriend
again” I swore.

I went to the kitchen to get water because
I was very thirsty.

When I was done, I headed out of the
kitchen only to bump into Elsie.
“Kelly is mine and not even you, I repeat
not even can take him away from me” she

“I will” I fired back at her.
She started boasting about the evil she has
done and the one she would do and I just
stood still watching her.

“I can’t bare this pain any longer so I would
get rid of you once and for all” she said

She used her powers and I felt life leaving

I wanted to call Kelly but I was weak and
my eyes where closed.

I felt as if I was freed and when I opened
my eyes, I saw Kelly holding her neck.
His face was changing and his long finger
nail pressed her neck.

She was bleeding badly and was gasping
for breath, to my very own eyes she

“I gave you a chance to prove to me that
you were my daughter but you failed by
falling in love for that you would go to the
dungeon of no return, you would be
toured all the days of your” I said angrily.
“please spare me” Elsie begged.
“you betrayed me for that I won’t spare
you” I used my powers and she vanished
like lightning.

It’s time to finish what I started, I Valarie
would accomplish my mission” I laughed

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