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Hired Bride - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Mason followed Kelsey through the hall. It was still bothering him who they were visiting but it sure wasn’t her father since they were in a children’s hospital. Kelsey approached the counter and talked to the nurse. “Kelsey, it’s so nice to see you again, hun. It has been a while.” She greeted her. “Yeah, I was really busy with work. Is he awake?” Kelsey asked her politely. “Yes, just go in and surprise him. I’m sure he misses you a lot.” The nurse said as Kelsey nodded and muttered a quick thank you to her. Kelsey made her way down the hall and Mason followed her. She knocked on the door and heard a voice inside giving her permission to go in. She peaked through the door as they heard a gasp. “Kelsey!” “Hey.” Kelsey greeted as she came in. She beckoned Mason in and he followed behind her awkwardly. Mason studied the thin bald boy in bed. An oxygen tank was placed beside him and a tube running to his nose. He was wearing a blue hospital robe and he was sitting on his bed watching T.V. “You brought a friend.” He stated. “Yeah, Kyle, this is Mason, my boss. And Mason, this is Kyle, my little brother.” Kelsey introduced them to each other. “Hi, nice to meet you sir.” Kyle said politely sticking his hand out for Mason to shake.

He had a smile plastered on his face that warmed Mason’s inside. “Nice to meet you too, Kyle.” He said shaking his tiny fragile hand.

Mason then realized that Kelsey’s little brother had cancer. He might be one of the reasons why Kelsey couldn’t finish her studies. “So, you’re my sister’s boss. How is she at work?” He asked talking all professional and adult-like. It surprised both Kelsey and Mason. For a ten year old boy, he sure was mature. Mason was speechless. He didn’t know what to say. How do you tell a little boy that his older sister’s job was to pose as his wife? How do you explain it to him and make him understand? “Um… Kelsey’s ah…. She’s very-” He stuttered. “You see, Kyle, I work as his personal assistant.” Kelsey saved him and started explaining. “So, I arrange his meetings and get coffee and all those stuff.” “Oh, you own a business? That’s very impressive, sir.” He said nodding in approval. “Thank you.” Mason replied in amusement. “Kyle, I actually came here for a reason.” Kelsey started explaining as she fidgeted with her fingers. Kyle shot her a confuse look with his head tilted on one side. “Is something wrong, Kelsey?” He asked worriedly. “Everything’s fine. It’s just… You see… Um… Mason here is being transferred to another country, in um… Australia. And so as his personal assistant, it’s part of my job to come with him and help him out. So what I’m really trying to say is that I’m leaving for a while. Maybe a year.” She explained slowly as Kyle progressed everything in his head. “What about mom and Ace?” “Well, I already talked to them and they said it was okay. And now, I’m asking you.” She said hoping that he would be fine with her leaving. Kelsey didn’t like the idea of lying to her brother but she just couldn’t tell him that she was going to get married to a stranger. “Of course it’s okay. It’s your job and you’re my sister. Whatever makes you happy, I’m okay with that.” He said in understanding. Kelsey felt relieve washed through her as she hugged him. “I’m glad you’re okay with it.” She said kissing the top of his head. “Since I’m gonna be gone for a while, I guess you’re currently in charge. You have to look out for mom and Ace, okay? And you have to take good care of yourself too. You gotta kick cancer’s butt!” She determinedly encouraged him as a little chortle came out of his lips. “I promise to look after mom and Ace, and I also promise to kick cancer’s butt.” He strongly said with determination oozing out him. “Now that’s my brother.” Kelsey proudly said giving him a fist bump. Mason watched them in amusement as the siblings continued to chat for a little while. They had small talks here and there and sometimes, Kyle would even include him and ask him questions and his opinions. For a ten-year-old boy, he was very mature, polite and blunt. It kind of reminded Mason of Kelsey. The transformation from physical appearance to personality-based totally resembled the two. After half an hour of chatting, Kyle was getting tired. His eye lids were drooping but he kept a smile on his face to not make it obvious. He didn’t want to be impolite and made them leave. Besides, he barely saw his sister and now that she was leaving, it made him upset. The last thing he wanted to do was to kick her and her boss out of the room and get some rest. Unfortunately, Kelsey sensed his tiredness.

She noticed that her brother was getting sleepy and his eyes were beginning to close. She then decided that it was time to go even though she didn’t want to leave because she didn’t know when will be the next time she would see him. “I think it’s time for us to leave, Kyle. You need to rest as well.” She announced standing up from her seat. Mason followed her suit and stood up as well. “Thanks for visiting me, Kels. I really missed you.” He said wrapping his bony arms around her waist. “I’ve missed you too, soldier.” She replied kissing the top of his head. “You take good care of yourself, alright? When I get back, you should be ready to go back home all strong and cancer free.” “I will, and I promise that I’ll kick cancer’s butt!” He strongly said with a grin on his face. “I love you.

Get well soon, my little soldier.” She whispered as a tear escaped her eye. She quickly wiped it away and hugged him tightly. “I love you too, Kels. I’m going to miss you.” “Me too.” She said pulling away from the hug. Mason watched the two with a faint smile on his face. The moment reminded him of him and Ella when they were young. Whenever she cried, he would act as if he was older than her and would always come to her aid. Mason remembered how he would let her cry on his shoulder as he comfort her. They had a pretty tight relationship until now. Mason didn’t find Ella opening or crying to him now, but whenever she needed her brother, she knew that he would always be there for him. They always had each other’s back since their parents were always away in business trips.

They stick together like glue. “Mason?” Kelsey’s voice ranged through his ear causing him to snap out of his trance. “Sorry, did I miss anything?” He asked oblivious glancing at her then to Kyle in bewilderment. “I said, if you could take care of my big sister for me, Sir. Please look after her and make sure she doesn’t get herself in trouble.” Kyle ordered. “Hey!” Kelsey pouted pulling her arms across her chest. “Don’t worry, I promise to keep this one out of trouble.” He promised leaning closer to Kyle and patted his head. “Get well soon, buddy. I’m sure cancer will be terrified of you and just leave. You’re a really brave young man.” He said with a real smile on his face. Kelsey stared at the two boys and she couldn’t help but awed mentally. Seeing Mason act so soft and all smiling brought butterflies in her stomach. Just one simple smile blew her away. “I’ll visit you as soon as I can. I love you.” Kelsey said one last time before kissing the top of his head and heading out. Mason followed her suit until they made it in the car. No words were muttered between them and silence fell upon the two. “So that was him, huh? I’m sure he’ll be fine and get through this.” Mason uttered in encouragement. “I hope so. I really do.” She whispered as she rested her head on the seat and let out a sigh. “He’s a well spirited kid, I can see that he’ll accomplish many things in life. And I believe this is one of them.” Kelsey stayed quiet with her eyes closed as Mason started the car again and made their way to his condo.

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