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Hired Bride - Season 1 - Episode 3
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The next day, Mason was once
again sitting on his office chair
and looked through the pile of
résumés. He separated the files
from men to women then from
women to gorgeous women.

When he had three résumés in his
hand, he called Nina in.
“Nina, I want an interview with
these three. They seem to be the
only women I’m interested in
hiring.” He said bluntly as he
handed the folders to Nina.
“Yes, sir, right away.” She
nodded her head and headed
back to her office. Nina was a
beautiful woman. She had golden
hair, fierce green eyes, and slim
yet sexy body. It was one of the
reasons why Mason hired her as
his secretary. Not only was she
smokin’ hot, but she was also
intelligent and punctual. She
worked professionally and
diligently. She never complained
about any of the crazy jobs that
Mason asked her to do. She would
always say, ‘Yes, sir.’ No
questions, no complains!
Mason stared at the screen of his
desktop where the pictures of the
three women were plastered on.
The first one had blonde hair and
blue fierce eyes. The second
picture was a woman with auburn
hair and hazel green eyes. And
the last was a woman with dark
hair and chocolate brown eyes.
Among the three, the third one
had the most innocent look and
the simplest girl. She had this
natural beauty which caught
Mason’s eyes. Now all he’d got to
do was interview the women and
find out who was willing to be his
pretend bride.

~ * ~ * ~

“Good morning, mom.” Kelsey

greeted kissing her mother on the
cheek. Hilda was sitting at her
usual spot in the dinning room
reading the paper with a cup of
coffee in her hand.
“Morning, sweetheart.” She
replied setting the paper aside.
“I’ll be visiting Kyle after work, so
make sure you come home early
to cook and look after Ace.”
“Yes, mom. I’m just going for a
job hunt anyway.” She informed
her as she poured some coffee in
a mug.
“Still no luck, huh?”
“Not quite, but don’t worry. I’m
sure I’ll find one soon.” She
assured her with a smile.
“Just don’t tire yourself out.”
Hilda reminded.
“I won’t. Stop worrying about me,
mom. For now, your only
concerns are Kyle and Ace. I’m a
grown up lady, I can take care of
myself better than my brothers.”
“I raised you so well.” She said
proudly with a grin playing across
her lips.

“You did great, mom. And I’m
sure that you’ll raise my brothers
even better.”
“I sure hope so.”

Suddenly, a phone ringing echoed
through the hall. “Must be
Margie.” She muttered. Kelsey
knew it was hers and she finished
making her coffee and quickly
went to her room.
She stared at the screen and it
was a private number. It didn’t
even let the number flashed on
the screen. After the fourth ring,
she finally answered it.
“Good morning, is this Kelsey
Parker?” A tiny voice on the
other line asked.
“Yes, it’s me. Who am I speaking
“I’m Nina Carlos, receptionist and
secretary of Mason King from
King Corporations.” She
introduced causing Kelsey’s eyes
to widened. “I just want to inform
you that Mr. King would like to
get an interview with you today
at 2 pm sharp. Are you available,
Ms. Parker?”
Kelsey stood motionless on her
spot. She was completely
astonished to hear the news. She
didn’t even expect that King
Corporations would actually call
her in. She wasn’t even qualified
for the position and she had no
past experience of being an
assistant. It must have been a
miracle that she was offered an
“Hello? Are you still there, Ms.
Parker?” Nina questioned,
snapping Kelsey out of her
trance. She must have zoned out.

She hated it when she did it. It
was like her brain was taken
away to another dimension while
her body was in another. Totally
made her look crazy.
“Yes, yes, I’m still here.” She
answered, shaking her head in
annoyance of thinking about
zoning out. “And yes, it would be
my pleasure to come down for an
interview. I’ll be there at exactly
2 pm sharp.”
“Great, see you in a bit.” She said
as she hanged up the phone.
Kelsey stared at her phone for
another good minute and a grin
slowly travelled its way to her
face. Suddenly, she let out an
excited squeal and headed to the
kitchen, where her mother was
regarding her crazily.
“What’s going on?” She asked
with furrowed eyebrows.
“Mom, I’ve got an interview!”
Kelsey announced ecstatically.
“You don’t have to worry about
anything as long as I do good
today at 2.”
“That’s wonderful news,
sweetheart.” She smiled hugging
her daughter as a congratulation
gift. “I’m sure you’ll get hired
with your diligence and being
hard working.”

“I really hope so, mom. I mean,
it’s not everyday that I get an
interview at King Corporations.”
She declared proudly.
“King Corporations?” Her mother
questioned in astonishment and
Kelsey nodded in response.
“Wow, maybe today is really your
lucky day.”

King Corporations was one of the
most known and successful
company around the globe. It was
popular internationally and
everyone knew that if you were
working for them, you must be
very bold. You see, it was a
struggle to get a job at the
company. You had go through a
lot of processes and they had to
do background checks and all
those whatnots before they hire
you. This was to determine
whether you really were a loyal
and honest person and wouldn’t
betray them. It was a lot of
process but once you get hired, it
was all worth it. It wasn’t
everyday you earn a worth of a
whole month paycheque in a day.
Yup, you could say that the Kings
were filthy rich.
“I really hope so, mom, I really
hope so.” Kelsey prayed as she
tried to play in her head what
might happen at the interview.

~ * ~ * ~

When the clock strike 2 o’clock,
Kelsey was already waiting in the
waiting room to be called for her
interview. The place was
massively huge. The building was
a skyscraper with lots of
reporters buzzing outside the
place. Kelsey wasn’t surprised to
see the media trying to snoop on
their business. They would
always try to find a loophole to
destroy King Corporations or
simply try to snoop on Mason
King’s private life, the owner and
the CEO of the company.
Kelsey was patiently waiting on
the seat and something strike to
her. She seemed to noticed that
she was the only one in the room.

Wasn’t there supposed to be
many people getting
interviewed? But then again,
everyone in the company were
strict so maybe they only chose
some people to be interviewed.
Suddenly, Kelsey’s thought was
interrupted by Nina’s voice.
“You’re up.” She said warmly
guiding her to his office. “Good
luck, Kelsey. I really hope you get
the job.” She said genuinely as
Kelsey smiled greatly at her. She
thought that Nina wasn’t only
gorgeous on the outside, but in
the inside as well.

“Thank you.” She said taking one
last breath before Nina opened
the door.

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