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Hired Bride - Season 1 - Episode 10
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Mason pulled up in front of his
condo and the valet boy was
waiting for him to give his car
keys so he could park it for him.

He twisted the key as the car’s
engine died and stopped roaring.

He then glanced at the passenger
seat, only to find Kelsey in a
middle of a nap. Not wanting to
disturb her from her sleep, he
quietly shut the door closed and
gave his key to the valet boy.
“Bring all the luggages to my
room.” He demanded as the valet
boy nodded in return. Mason
slowly opened the passenger
door and unfastened Kelsey’s
seatbelt. He was having a debate
in his head whether he should
carry her in or wake her up.
He was contemplating on what to
do and he decided to go with his
first choice. He slid his arms
behind her legs and upper back
and lifted her up. Kelsey groaned
and stirred but her eyes
remained close. He carried her in
his condominium and some of his
nosy neighbours whispered as
they pass by. He ignored them as
usual and entered his private
elevator that went all the way
straight to his penthouse.
Kelsey felt her body moving and
curiosity got ahead of her. She
slowly opened her eyelids only to
be greeted by the handsome face
of Mason King. He was looking
forward and didn’t notice her
awake. She took advantage of the
moment and studied his face. His
sparkling dark eyes, pointy nose,
defined jaw, stubbled beard
growing from his chin, and his
perfectly shaped lips. She knew
she was having wrong thoughts
about him but who wouldn’t? He

sure was sexy in any possible

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”
He muttered still looking ahead.
Kelsey could feel the hot blood
making its way on her cheeks.
She knew that her cheeks were
the same colour as a red tomato.

She unconsciously hid her head
on his chest and she could smell
his scent. His manly, pine, rich
cologne entered her nostrils
making her addicted to the smell.
Mason tensed a bit as she leaned
in closer to his chest. His heart
was pounding against his chest
and he was afraid she might have
heard it. He looked down at her
and saw how red her face was.
She had her eyes closed and her
cheek pressed against his chest.
She looked perfect in his arms,
like she belonged there. It
seemed as if they were like
jigsaw puzzled meant to be
attached to each other.
“You didn’t have to carry me…”
She stated opening her eyes,
meeting his hazel orbs. She was
surprised that he was already
staring at her. And she once
again found herself looking away
and turning red. “You can put me
down now.”

He hesitantly let her go and as
soon as her feet met the ground,
she fixed her clothes and
straightened her posture. “Where
are we?” She asked in wonder.

“My condo.” He simply replied.
Kelsey looked at the mini screen
on the top of the door elevator
indicating what floor the elevator
was. The white light indicated
10th floor. She looked at the
buttons and saw that there were
fifteen floors int total.

An awkward silence fell upon the
elevator as they impatiently
waited for the door to open. When
the ding sound of the elevator
rang, Mason got out first and
made his way to the only door in
the hallway. Kelsey followed
quietly beside him and released
her breath that she wasn’t aware
that she was holding in.

She glanced around the hallway.

It was deserted with a couple of
paintings hanging on the cream
walls. The light were fairly
dimmed and and the floor was
carpeted. Mason opened a box
hanging from the wall and Kelsey
cautiously watched him. The box
opened and light illuminated from
it. Mason punched in some code
and Kelsey then realized that it
was a device responsible to open
the door to his home.

“Why don’t you just use a key
like any other normal people
used?” She sarcastically
commented rolling her eyes in

“I need my privacy. You would be
surprise how many people tried
stealing the key to my penthouse
and invaded my room.” He
answered as the door flicked
open. He entered first and Kelsey
followed after him.

She looked around the place and
the only word that she could utter
was a, “Wow.” His penthouse was
magnificently beautiful. It was a
two story penthouse with cream
walls and tile floors. It was an
open space concept, with the
ceiling as high as the second
floor’s ceiling. A chandelier was
hanging from above the stairwell
illuminating the whole place. The
staircase was in a form of spiral
and was made out of glass.
The living room had the casual
look with a big flushed red couch
with matching love seats. There
was also a glass centre table in
the middle and a fireplace on the
side. It looked absolutely

Then there was the kitchen,
which could be seen from the
living room. It had an open
concept where the kitchen is
completely visible except for the
dining table that was hidden
behind the walls, separating it
from the living room.

“Your bags are here.” Mason
declared interrupting her gawking
moment. She glanced back at him
and saw that all her luggages was
there by the door. She looked at
the red haired boy beside Mason
and he was patiently waiting to
be dismissed. “You can put all of
it in the room.” He ordered to the
boy who looked no older than
eighteen. He looked tired as if he
was gonna collapse anytime soon.
‘He must have double jobs…’ Just
like her before she accepted
Mason King’s offer. Kelsey
thought. ‘He must be exhausted
from working.’ Then she
remembered how tired she would
get whenever she got home from

“It’s fine, I’ll take it from here.”
She said assuring him with a
smile. She took the luggage from
his hand and another one from
the floor. “You should go get
some rest. It looks like you’re
about to faint. Word of advice,
don’t tire yourself out. You don’t
wanna get sick now, do you?
Who’s gonna take care of your
family?” She looked at him with a
raised eyebrow.

The boy stared at her in
surprised. Surprised that she
knew what he was going through.

‘How can a rich, wealthy woman
like her, knows what I’m going
through?’ He curiously thought.
“Thank you for bringing these. I
truly appreciate your help.” She
wholeheartedly thanked him.

Mason stared at the two. But
most of time, he was staring at
Kelsey in awed. She was truly
someone really different. A good
different. She had such a lovely,
soft heart and kind attitude.

Mason knew then that living with
her might be dangerous.

Dangerous of possibly getting his
heart stolen and falling love.

Something that he wasn’t ready
on doing again.

He tipped the boy as he nodded
respectful at Mason and shot
Kelsey a heartfelt smile before
leaving. “So… Where’s my
room?” She asked as she tried to
balance her bags on her
shoulders and hands.

“It’s upstairs across from mine.”
He replied. “Here, let me take
that from you and I’ll show you
the way.” He took the bags from
her hands and some from the
floor. Then they made their way
upstairs with Kelsey in tow.

“Your house is beautiful.” She
uttered in awe as she glanced
around and tried not to trip at the
same time.

“Thank you, I designed it myself.”
He announced causing her head
to whip his way.
“Really?!” She asked in disbelief
then she realized that her
comment was rude. “I’m sorry, I
didn’t mean it the bad way. What
I mean to say is that your work
is… marvellous.” She rumbled on
earning a chuckle from him.

“Thanks.” He simply replied and
opened the first door in the hall.
He stepped back allowing Kelsey
to go in first. She hastily entered
the room and gawked at it. Mason
saw the astonishment danced in
her eyes as he placed the bags on
the floor.

“Wow, this is bigger than our
apartment.” She whispered. “And
it’s incredibly beautiful!” She
excited utter and grinned at him.
It suddenly took Mason’s breath
away. Her white pearls seemed
to brighten the room and that
smile that reached her eyes just
showed how happy she truly was.
Mason was in big trouble and he
knew it was going to be a
struggle to fight off with his
feelings. He just couldn’t fall in
love. Not again…

He removed his eyes from her
captivating ones and cleared his
throat. “So, the bathroom is
there.” He said pointing to the
corner of the room where a door
was placed on the wall. “With a
walk-in closet inside. You can
start unpacking if you want. My
sister should be here soon.” He
informed her catching her of

“Wait, your sister?” She asked as
she suddenly felt nervous. Mason
saw her panic as she bit the
corner of her bottom lip and play
with the pendant of her necklace.

“Relax, okay? My sister knows
that the marriage is fake so you
don’t have to sweat it.” He

“She does?”
“Yeah, she didn’t like this
arrangement but it’s the only
way. She doesn’t want to inherit
the company and I don’t wanna
lose it.” He stated.

Kelsey kept her head low and
think of the possible names his
sister’s going to call her.
Something along the lines of ‘s--t,
w---e, and gold-digger.’
Mason saw the anxiety in her
face and he felt as if someone
was repeatedly poking his heart
with a tiny needle. He didn’t like
to see her nervous and upset and
he also didn’t like what he was
feeling. It was not like him to
react such ways. In fact, his
employees sometimes called him
the robot man because his
“Hey.” Mason softly said as
Kelsey slowly lifted her head
toward his direction. “It’ll be fine.

She won’t say anything mean to
you, trust me.” He reassured her.
Kelsey nodded her head in
understanding and kept her head
low once again. She then begun to
make her way to the drawer with
her suitcase tugging along behind
her. She set it down and started

“I’ll leave you alone for now. I’ll
call you when she gets here.”
Mason spoke out as Kelsey
glanced at him and nodded her
“Okay.” She gently said with a
small smile tugging along her lips.

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