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Hired Bride - Season 2 - Episode 3
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(Your thougths are taking instead of episode 46 of the hole story is episode 3 of season 2) Mason was dropped off by Ricky at his penthouse, both physically and emotionally drained. He could barely even drive himself home because he wasn’t in his right mind.

He wished the ground would open up, swallow him, and bring him to another dimension where he could spend the rest of his time with Kelsey. He was whipped, that was for sure. He dragged himself towards the living room and was surprised to find his father situated on the couch. Mason could feel all his blood surged through his body as all he could see was red. He was mad, furious, to the point that he wanted to be disowned by his so- called father. He wished he wasn’t related to the beast he called his father at all. Mason knew he was the reason why Kelsey left in the first place, he couldn’t think of anyone else who was heartless enough to do such a thing to him. “What are you doing here?” Mason asked in fury as he clenched his fist tightly on his side. It was noon when Ricky decided to drive Mason home so he could rest and get some sleep since he hadn’t gotten a wink ever since he arrived from his flight. After Lucas had talked to him and calmed him down, it was best when they all decided that it was better for Mason to go home. Edward took a sip of his coffee and didn’t bother turning around to spare his son a glance. “Well, good afternoon to you as well.” He told him sarcastically and Mason only scoffed in response. “What do you want?” Mason asked with gritted teeth. “Why don’t you take a seat and stop being rude?” Edward ordered him rather than asking. “Why didn’t you call before barging in?” He talked back, finally earning a glare from his father. Mason couldn’t care less, however. He didn’t care what his father thought of him at all. “Sit down, Mason, before I lose my patience.” Edward demanded him impatiently and Mason knew better than to push his buttons. He might liked the idea of annoying and getting under his father’s nerve, but he knew when Edward was being serious. Mason knew better than to go against his crazy father who could practically do anything he wanted to do, legal or illegally. Mason obliged and sat on the couch opposite from him. With the long centre table in between, it gave him some distance away from the beast. “Where is she?” Mason asked him after a moment of silence. “Where did you send her off to?” Edward took another sip of his coffee before placing it back on the saucer resting on the table. There was amusement clearly plastered on his face and Mason badly wanted to smack that lopsided smirk off of his face. “That’s the least of your concern now, Mason. You’ve got more important things to do rather than playing house with a girl you’ve randomly picked up who knows where.” Mason abruptly stood up in fury and bore holes at his father’s head. He had no right to insult Kelsey in any kind of way. He could say bad things about him, but not about Kelsey, that was one thing he couldn’t tolerate. “You have no idea what you’re talking about. Stop talking nonsense and quit insulting my fiancée!” Mason defended and started walking away. “If you would stop acting like a child, then maybe I wouldn’t treat like you were one!” Edward barked at him. “I don’t know exactly what kind of spell this girl had casted on you, but for Pete sake, wake up Mason! She’s only using you and you know it.” Mason clenched his fist tighter and all he wanted to do was pull back and punch his father straight on the nose. “Regardless of the situation, you have no right to just drive her away like that!” Mason yelled, throwing his hands up in frustration. “I am still your father, Mason.

And I will always be the one to clean up after your mess!” Edward retorted but stay putted on the couch. “I didn’t ask for your help, nor do I need it!” Mason argued back. “Greg Wilson has a daughter I would like you to meet.” Edward announced, shifting the topic which only made Mason more furious. “No, erase that. Greg Wilson has a daughter that you are to wed.” He corrected and Mason swore that if he didn’t stop, he was ready to throw a punch. Mason laughed humourlessly and scoffed at him. “You’re delusional if you think I will marry that woman. I will never-” “It’s the only way you will inherit the company. After the wedding, I will officially hand the company down to you.” Edward promised him, but his confident smile was quickly swept away from his lips when Mason spoke up. “You can shove that company of yours down your throat. I don’t need it.” Mason bit back fearlessly. If he didn’t stand up to his father now, when would he ever? “Please leave while I’m asking nicely.” He told him as he started leaving. “I didn’t want to do this but you’re just way too stubborn.” Edward said with threatened voice. He took his recorder out and played it. “Are you saying you fell in love with my son?” His father’s voice echoed in the room. “Yes.”

Kelsey’s voice rang in Mason’s ears, halting his next step. Mason was certain that she admitted that she was in loved with him. Could she really be? He couldn’t believe it. “Yes, I’m in love with your son.” She confirmed and Mason felt a rush of excitement washed through him. All he wanted to do was find her and hug her, kiss her, and make her his forever. “I fell in love with the gentle and caring man behind his cold and distant façade. I fell in love with the playful man hiding beneath his serious mask. I fell in love with the man who went through a lot but had still managed to stand back up on his own two feet. I fell in love with the man who loves his family regardless of how they see him as.” That was the end of the recording and Mason felt a tear dropped from his eye. He was crying, although he didn’t know why. Was it because she returned the feelings he had for her? Was it because he finally heard her voice even though it was only a recording? Or was it because he was afraid that his father knew where she was exactly hiding? “What should I do with her?” Edward warningly asked and Mason felt all his blood drained from his body. He knew too well what his father was capable of. “She is just too foolish to understand her place in this society, isn’t she? If only there was a person who could save this vulnerable woman from such a corrupted world…”

Mason felt another tear escaped his eye as he tightened his fist, a vein on his neck was already visible, ready to pop if he didn’t stop his anger. ‘I’m sorry, Kelsey.’ Mason cried in his head. ‘I’m really sorry…’ ~ * ~ * ~ Mason glanced at his watch once again impatiently. The woman she was supposed to meet was already ten minutes late. He bet she was a spoiled brat. If she wasn’t there in five minutes, Mason was ready to leave the private booth his father booked for the them. It had been three days since his father threatened him. Mason wasn’t a fool to disobey his father. He wasn’t going to let anyone hurt his loved ones again. Not after what had happened to his mother. Mason promised himself that he would do anything in his willpower to protect the people he loved. Especially from his devil of a father.

A knocked on the door snapped Mason out of his trance and he saw the waiter’s head peeked inside. “Mr. King, she’s here.” “Let her in.” Mason ordered as the waiter nodded his head and a woman entered the room. She was beautiful. She stood tall in her three-inch high heels and long, tanned legs. She was wearing a mid-thigh peach dress that had off-shouldered lace sleeves. The dress made her curves show but still made her looked elegant and sophisticated. Her wavy dark hair was resting on the top of her head in a neat bun with some strands flowing softly on her face. She was, indeed, gorgeous. She was what one would classify as Mason’s type. But Mason couldn’t see her as a potential girlfriend, let alone wife. He had only one woman in his heart, and that was Kelsey Parker. The woman was strolling towards him but halted when she finally looked up and stared at the man she was supposed to marry. She seemed to be frozen in her spot, her feet were stuck on the ground she was standing at. No way, she couldn’t believe her eyes. “Mason King?” She asked with widened eyes. _____________________

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