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Hired Bride - Season 2 - Episode 11
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“Hurry up, Mason! Or else we’re
gonna miss the movie!” Kelsey
screamed at the bottom of the
stairs to Mason who was in his
room changing.
“I’ll be there soon!” He yelled
back, informing her.
Kelsey had thought she would
never step foot on Mason’s
penthouse, but there she was at
the moment, waiting for him for
their movie date that he insisted
he wanted to do. It sounded very
cheesy, the typical movie date,
but Mason wanted to experience
it with Kelsey. He had never done
it with anyone and he wanted to
know what it would be like.
Suddenly, there was a knock on
the door, snapping Kelsey out of
her trance. Her brows furrowed in
confusion as to who might be at
the door. Georgia left about ten
minutes ago and Kelsey didn’t
know who might be by the door.
Unless Mason was expecting a
visitor she wasn’t informed of.
She strolled towards the door and
opened it, coming face-to-face
with Edward King. “Mr. King…”
Kelsey trailed off, feeling the
awkwardness arising between
them. The last time she had seen
him wasn’t a very pleasant
meeting. She had said some
inappropriate things and he had
uttered some hurtful words.
“Please come in.” She offered,
opening the door wider.
Edward entered and sat on the
couch by the living room. Kelsey
didn’t know what exactly she
needed to do at the moment.
“Mason must be expecting you.
I’ll just go and get him.” She was
on her way to the stairs when
Edward stopped her.
“Actually, I came here for you.”

He told her, halting her steps. “Is
it possible we talk?” He asked
her over his shoulder.

Kelsey nodded her head and took
a seat to the couch parallel to
him. For a while, they sat in
silence with no one daring to
break the awkward quietness.

Then Kelsey thought that she
needed to at least apologize to
“I’m sorry-”
“We’ve said some things-”
They both said at the same time,
causing both to chuckle releasing
the tension that had formed
between them. “Go ahead, ladies
first.” Edward urged her.

Kelsey cleared her throat and
shot him an apologetic smile. “I
would just like to say that I’m
very sorry sir. I know I might
have said some things, things
that weren’t very pleasant. And I
am very sorry. Clearly, I have
judged you too quickly.” She

Edward shook his head and
sighed. “I would like to apologize
as well, Kelsey. For making you
leave my son. For hurting you.

But I did what I did to teach my
son a lesson. The last thing I want
is for you and Mason to enter a
relationship that is based on a
contract, that’s why I had it
terminated. I didn’t want my son
to think that love is something he
is deprived of. I didn’t want him
to find love out of a business

It dawned on Kelsey that Edward
wasn’t a bad guy. He really did
love Mason. He just had a weird
way of showing it and teaching
Mason a lesson. “If I didn’t
interfere and made you two
separate, you and Mason
wouldn’t have admitted your
feelings for each other.” He said
and Kelsey thought that he was a
hundred percent right. She
wouldn’t have admitted to herself
that she loved him if it weren’t
for Edward asking her of her

“You really do love Mason.”
Kelsey commented as Edward
smiled. It was a rare moment and
Kelsey couldn’t help but admire
his handsome face as he smiled
at her. Right at that moment, she
realized how much alike he
looked from Mason when smiling.

“Of course I do. He’s my son after
all. I might have made a mistake
with his mother, but I will never
regret having Mason.” He proudly

Kelsey smiled feeling at ease.

Everything was finally falling into
place. She was glad that Mason’s
problems with his father was
fixed and mended. “I should
thank you for what you’ve done
to fix my relationship with my

Kelsey quickly shook her head in
disagreement. “No, no, please
don’t thank me. All I did was give
the letter to Mason. It was all
because of Delilah.” She said, not
wanting to take credit for
something she didn’t do.
“I know my mother pretty well.
She really likes to meddle in
everyone’s lives.” He joked,
causing both of them to chuckle
in response. “But you still
deserve a thank-you. Even if you
were just the messenger, you had
the most important job. I’m glad
that my son and I are okay now.”
He said, shooting her an
appreciative smile.
“I hope you will also fix your
relationship with your father.” He
added a few seconds later, which
seemed to have swept the smile
off of her face. Her heart
suddenly stopped beating, the
colour of her face faded, and her
palms started sweating at the
mention of her own father. “Miss
Kelsey Montenegro.”

Kelsey couldn’t do anything but
stare at him in incredulity. She
swallowed loudly and let out the
breath she had been holding.
“How-how did you-”
“You really think I wouldn’t find
out?” He asked with a raised
brow. Kelsey didn’t doubt his
words one bit. If he had figured
out that she and Mason were only
faking it, how could he not have
known about other information
about her. She was sure Edward
did a full background check on
her. “I knew from the very
beginning that you looked oddly
familiar. The way you spoke and
acted, it reminded me of the little
girl who used to ran away with
Mason and snuck into the
rooftop.” He smiled at the
memories in the past.
Edward studied Kelsey’s face that
showed many emotions. Anger,
sorrow, regret, anxiousness, but
all held discomfort in them. It
seemed that she wasn’t ready nor
did she want to talk about such a
sensitive topic. “Give him a
chance, Kelsey.” He later on
advised her. “You have no idea
how much your father loves you.

In fact, the only reason why he
returned here was to find you and
your mother. Let him explain
everything to you. I’m sure he
has his own reason why he left.
Everyone has their reason.” He
told her, referring to himself as

Mason strolled down the stairs
and halted when he saw his
father and Kelsey sitting on the
couch, in a middle of a
conversation. He stared at
Kelsey’s sorrowful face and
wondered if his father had said
anything hurtful to her that have
caused such an expression on her

“Dad?” Mason spoke up and
cautiously stepped down the last
step of the stairs. “What are you
doing here?”

Edward stood up from the chair
and straightened his suit of any
wrinkles that had formed with his
hands. “I just had a chat with
Miss Parker here. But I’ll be
leaving now. I don’t want to
disturb the two of you.” He
announced as Kelsey also stood
from the couch.

“Thank you, Mr. King.” She told
him and stuck her hand out for
him to shake.

“Truce, Ms. Parker. Please
consider what I’ve said.” He
reminded her and shook her hand
gently. Kelsey nodded in
response and showed him out.
Right after she shut the door
closed, she strolled back to the
living room and stared into
Mason’s worried eyes.

“I need to talk to my father.” She

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