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High School Crush  - Season 1 - Episode 20
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( issa wedding something)

Years later we are still in touch with Eric Isabella Janelle and
Chris. And now that we are adults and now working on our own.

We hang out when we have some free time.
One faithful afternoon Janelle called me.
“ hi girlfriend ” Janelle sounded too happy.
“ Janelle I’m busy right now I will call you later I need to edit this
” I said disappointing her.

I work in a media company and I’m now a reporter (my dream).

David is a surgeon, Janelle a gynecologist, Isabella is a general
doctor and eric run his father’s company and Chris is a lawyer.

You can imagine how busy we are always but we don’t fail to
hang out every weekends taunting each other about our

I gave Janelle a call after I’ve sort out every thing I need to sort

“ I want you to follow me to a bridal shop I need to pick a
wedding gown ” she said.
“ what?! So you are getting married? And you didn’t let us know?
Its unfair o Nelly ” I called her with her nickname.
“ so you are expecting I will be lord of rings bah? He proposed a
year ago na ” she said.
“ oh I remember I wonder when this Mr man will propose too ” I
smiled referring to david.
“ we are getting married next month because of my busy
schedule ” she laughed.
“ wow where should I meet you? Let’s go together I need to
choose a beautiful dress for you and a dress for me too cause I
will be your maid of honour ” I said happily.
“ that’s my friend meet me at the hospital ” she end the call.

Janelle gave me hug immediately she saw me I’m just happy for
her. I taunt her with old time how she and Chris use to fight, how
she always tell him he is saying rubbish. Now she is marrying
that man who use to say rubbish how funny.
After choosing the perfect dress for her, she came out looking so
gorgeous that Chris almost faint
“ is this Janelle? ” he asked with his mouth wide in shock.
“ no your grandfather’s ghost ” Janelle replied in a funny way.
“ wow you look so beautiful the dress is just sparkling on you ”
Chris added while Janelle blush.

The wedding finally came, it was a white wedding so it was held
in the church.

My friend is just looking gorgeous wearing that smile oh I want
to get married too. Isabella Eric and David were present too.

After saying their vows now exchanging rings is next but the
problem is where is the ring?
We started searching for it which arouse murmurs from the
people present.

I found a ring box on David, Isabella found one on Eric the bride
and groom also found theirs. What is happening? After
exchanging the rings the couple kissed and I stared at David
smiling, he also smiled but he surprised when he kneel down at
the same time eric also kneel in front of Isabella.
“ will you marry me? My queen ” they both pronounce it together
opening the small box in it is a diamond ring sparkling.

A tear escape from my eyes.
I look at Isabella who also return the glance.
“ yes!! ” like miracle we both said together.
I stretch my hand and he put the ring on my ring finger. I’m so
happy, I can see isabella also smiling.

The bride and the groom were even jealous.
Shout of kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Were heard in every angle in the church
he pull me up then he kissed me passionately.
Four months later David and I get married, isabella and Eric get
married a month after ours.
“ mom that was so interesting ” my eight year old daughter
Laura said.
“ should I start again ” I asked and she nod her head.
“ don’t tell me you are still narrating those lies to her I didn’t put
vinegar in the soup ” David said immediately I finish the story.
“ you did I’m not lying the taste was horrible and I still remember
” I mock him with my tongue.
“ I thought it was cooking oil ” he scratch his head while our
daughter burst into a loud laughter.
“ you really put it there you did ” laura mock him with her
“ I didn’t ” he try to deny.
“ you did you just say so you said you thought it was cooking oil
” laura said and I burst out into a loud laughter.
“ anyhow my princess ” he said in a loving manner to laura.
“ and me? ” I asked jealously.
“ you are always my queen ”
Love is really good when you allow it in your heart and that’s my story.


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Oct 31, 2018
wow wot a great story wit a nyc ending
Nov 01, 2018
Interesting story,I just love it
Nov 01, 2018
i love it
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