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High School Crush  - Season 1 - Episode 19
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(what are we? Couples)

“ mom it’s not what you are thinking I can explain ” I said
immediately my mom enter the house.
“ I’m listening explain the kiss ” she said you know African
parents. Chai I’m in soup.
“ its kind of awkward mom how can I explain a kiss? Mom can
you please understand? ” I said closing one eye.

“ understand what?! I suspect it but why didn’t you tell me the
truth? You know I’m your best friend you are not suppose to hide
anything from me. You guys look great together but you have to
take it slow you know you are just teenagers. No relationship till
you finish high school ” my mom concluded.
“ but what if I lose him? ” I asked feeling concerned.

“ I’m sure Stella will guard him with all her strength so you don’t
have to worry my dear okay? Just take things really slow and
don’t let your feelings get into your heads okay ” she said and I


David and I are just smiling at each other as we trek to school.

There is a difference between the mood of being together and
smiling together, and just walking with someone who always left
me behind.

We hold hands as we smile at each other allowing love to fill the
air for us.

“ good morning ” I hear Isabella and eric chorused behind us.

“ I told you to hold my hands like they did why won’t you? Can’t
you see how love is flying in the air between them ” Isabella yell
at Eric.

“ do I have to hold your hands so you believe I love you ” eric


But wait o what’s wrong with this couple?
“ if I know you won’t be so romantic like dave I would have
leave you for him. David can we be together? ” Isabella said and
my eyes turn red immediately with anger.
“ nikky can we be together? ” eric also asked and I can feel
David also boiling in anger.

“ there is no way! ” david and I chorused.
“ we are just joking after all I can’t let nikky snatch eric from me
this time ” Isabella said.
“ and I won’t let david snatch you from me this time too ” eric
“ oh look at this couple ” I said.
“ well my sunshine let’s move ” david said holding my hands.
Love is a beautiful feeling if you allow it rule your heart. I’m
talking about pure love not obsessed love or lust love. If you are
obsessed with someone you might end up loosing the person. If
you lust after someone you will satisfy your lust one day feeling
nothing for the person but when you are talking about pure or
true love. That is letting go when you know you can’t make your
partner happy or you are not the one for them or believing in that
love and fighting every obstacles to protect that love.
I found out my crush is not a crush but true love. I allow myself
to love myself then I allow my heart to open to Dave.

I’m not the one who is only crushing on him but he is also
crushing on me too.

My senior secondary school days is filled with happiness not
only me but my friends too.

Immediately we gained admission into higher institution. David
and I went on a date together, our parents are happy about it.

The small company my father and his father run together is now
big having many branches across the nation.
We were once neighbors and we are still neighbors because our
parents build their mansions close to each other so their is no
way that strong family bond will break.

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