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High School Crush  - Season 1 - Episode 18
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( love is strange )
Narration continue by me

I couldn’t explain the feeling but I like it so much that oh I’m
short of words.

David and I walk together as we found every peg and that
means our group won.

We found eric and Isabella in a romantic mood hmm are you
thinking what I’m thinking? Wow Isabella look so pretty when
she smiles and they both look good together.

We made it back before other groups and we also found the peg
and guess what the prize is? Nothing lol. Our class teacher just
want us to enjoy ourselves and I really enjoy my self except my
bruised arm lol.

Here comes the aggressive couples and guess? Chris and
Janelle. They are fighting and I know they love each other.

Janelle confessed to me earlier but whether she told chris or not
I don’t know.

The night was fun, we made bonfire and we sang I resting on
David’s shoulder and eric and Isabella’s hands we were clamped
together.janelle and chris are flirting with each other.

Do you know the reason why janelle let go of her crush? That’s
because she found out doctor ken is dating our class teacher so
she decided to let the adult have their fun.
Wow can you see how a little game change our love life?Its so

During the weekend when my mom caught david and I smiling at
each other she ask questions as usual.
“ nothing is happening between us its just that he change a
little” I quickly deny the allegations.
“ I don’t think so you guys are strange ” she said.

“ mom there’s nothing strange about just that he started treating
me well because we are neighbors ” I smiled.
“ oh look at that smile just take things slow okay? I was also a
teenager like you. Stella and I attend the same school so that’s
why we were still best friends not knowing one day will come
when our families will live together ” she said kissing my
“ OK mom ”
David and I wash our uniform together not like how you are
thinking o but you know at the same time and not far from each
“ I love you ” he whispered.
“ hey our moms are at home ” I said shyly splashing water on
his body.
“ it doesn’t matter ” he splash water on my body too and before
we know it that’s how we waste the water we supposed to use to
wash clothes.

We went to the tap to fetch another water again and our clothes
is very wet.

“ do you know it is your fault? ” he said pinching my cheeks.
“ two of them are funny ” David’s mom told my mom.
“ they grow up so fast ” my mom replied from where both of
them were watching us before they enter the kitchen.
“ it is your fault why will you tell me you love me?” I said hitting
him with a cloth but he caught it and he pull me closer and we
end up in a hug position.
“ because I love you ” he said kissing me I smiled but that silly
smile faded when I saw my mom and his mom starring at us
with shocked expression. He saw them too eh? Not knowing
what to do we started moving in circles then Omo see race!
I took right david took left.

That awkward moment when parents caught there kids dating
father lord please take my soul.

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