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High School Crush  - Season 1 - Episode 14
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(I’m so sad)

After pleading and pleading he eventually did it
“ but which kind of a girl doesn’t wear bra? ” he asked suddenly
but how did he noticed? This guy is really something.
“ you are something how did you know if a lady doesn’t wear
bra? Seriously anyway I’m outta here I have to see Janelle and
probably Eric ” i slam the door on his face.
“ oh girlfriend your parent are not at home did you sleep with
aunt? ” Janelle is already waiting for me I didn’t know.
“ where did you sleep? ” she asked.
“ Aunt is not at home but I slept in their house ” I replied.
“ what?! You spend the night with Dave?! ” she place a palm on
her mouth.
“ hey stop thinking dirty Samuel was there too ”
“ ah! Oh this dress you always have a hard time zipping it up
who help you? ” Janelle can ask questions.
“ David ”
“ what? Why would he? Are you that shameless? ”
“ whatever he almost kill me yesterday ”
“ what? As how ” she said hands akimbo.
“ he put vinegar in the stew ”
“ what? He is something so he can’t even cook? ” Janelle

That day is really stressful, Janelle kept dragging me everywhere
it is after evening she let me go wheew my mom is at home
“ do you have fun? ” she asked.
“ with who? Someone that almost kill me? ” I hiss.
“ kill you? Oh my god don’t let it be what I’m thinking ” my mom
said with a serious voice.
“ seriously why is everyone thinking strange like this? He almost

kill me because he put vinegar in the stew ” ewww I have to
explain so she can believe me.
“ oh is that it? I don’t know he can be so bad at cooking oh ” my
mom twist her mouth in the manner I use to twist mine.

I retire to the bed later that night .


I feel like I’m alive since David is not with me,. But wait am I
really forgetting him? It will be cool and I will get to think with
my head but I doubt if that will be possible.
School is really fun today, without maths teacher harassing me,
with Eric treating me to lunch and with Janelle by my side but
why do I feel like something is missing? Forget it.
Ring ring
I’m going home because we are in the middle of exam so no
much work but did David read during the weekend? He must
have he must. Speaking of the devil here he comes.
“ oh Nikky I will be right back please wait for me but if you don’t
see me after five minutes check me in the class okay? ” he said.
Who told him I will wait for him? Let me wait he is my prince
charming after all
After seven minutes I still can’t find David what is wrong then I
started going to the class.
In the class
David and Isabella are in the middle of discussion which seems
very serious. From the look on Isabella’s eyes it seems she
begging david for something, she saw nikky coming from afar
then she quickly hug. David try to get her off him but she held on

Nikky saw them and she turn back immediately crying her eyes

Narration continue by me

Seriously why Isabella? why her? Why not me? Why Isabella? I
thought you said I’m the best thing but why will you hug her.
“ nikky I can explain ” he try to say but I cut it.
“ you don’t have to I’m nothing to you right? You even said you
don’t see me as a girl but you Bella is a girl in your eyes? But
why? I love you openly for three years but you did not even look
at me but you hug Isabella do you know how much that hurts?! ”
my tears rush like a river as I say every words.
“ its not like that hear me out ” he try to hold my hands but I
snap it away.
“ just get lost and stop making things hard for me, you didn’t
like me and I’m not a girl I your eyes just like Isabella said I’m
your loyal dog just please get lost! I don’t want to see you again!
David stop making things hard for me I’m not your plaything!

Don’t talk to me! Don’t appear in front of me again! ”

It hurts and I’m so sad.

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