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High School Crush  - Season 1 - Episode 12
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(let’s cook)

“ what do you mean what I’m doing here? My mom told me to
stay at your house ” I replied his question.
“ and can’t you see that my parents are not at home too? You
still came here? What kind of a lady does not have fear? Imagine
what I can do to you ” David sound really you know I can’t
“ I try to think but I can’t sleep alone and you can’t do anything
Samuel is here and we are not even going to sleep in the same
room why are you so worked up? ” I said with mouth twisted.
“ of course are you even a girl? ” David said and instantly I
became angry.
“ if I’m not a girl then what am I? A guy? I can’t believe this ”
“ either one you are I don’t see you as a girl ” he said.
“ well at least Eric l me as one to write a love letter to me who
care about you? ” I explode with all the anger I’ve been saving.
“ is that one even a guy? What would he see in someone like
you?! ” he shouted.

“ ah then is he a girl? He is even taller and handsome than you
why do you feel you are on top of the world?! ” I yelled back at
All this while Samuel keep quiet enjoying every of our little
“ you guys should stop fighting ” he try to intervene.
“ stay out of it!! ” David and I yelled together.
“ handsome than me? Why is he handsome than me?! ”
“ because he is! Because I say so! You are so cold that you are
ugly in my eyes”
“ then you are so blind ”
“ I’m not the one who is blind Isabella is the one that is blind you

psycho ”
“ why am I a psycho? Are you not the one who always say I’m
handsome? Then you are blind then! ”
“ oh this psycho! When did I say that? ”
“ why are you calling me psycho?! If I’m a psycho then you are
empty brain!!! ” David yell so loud that Samuel covet his ears.
“ yes I agree I’m a person with no brains but you are real
psycho a psycho! ” I said and I sat down again. I mean why is
he like this? Oh I’m so hungry.
“ I’m hungry ” I hear David said behind me.
“ then let’s cook ” I said holding my empty stomach.
“ as if she know how to cook ” he whispered.

“ I know how to cook, I’m a great cook ” I try to defend myself .
“ i will cook you are so stupid in everything so how will you have
the brain to cook? ” that’s an insult okay I’m letting our royal
chef David to cook today while I sit and watch TV.
“ Actually its his first time cooking ” Samuel said immediately
David went into the kitchen.
what?! Ewwo hope I won’t have indigestion today? Well since he
is so smart let him try hmm I’ve been cooking for almost two
years now and I know how to cook everything I know how to eat
and someone said I don’t have brain? Well let’s see his
“ eehm Dave please can I boil the rice while you cook the stew? ”
I ask and he nod his head like that red headed lizard.

I quickly put the rice on fire with right amount of salt before I got
back to the sitting room.

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