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High School Crush  - Season 1 - Episode 11
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“ mummy’s here ” I said and they release me at once. Eeww.
Both of them are dangerous zone I swear.
I won’t hang out with Eric and I won’t study with David if that
will make it even.

************************** ** ** **

“ it is your fault now she won’t go out with me ” Eric hissed.
“ and who do you think you are to come to our house and take
her anywhere? You better get going because the nikky I know
will not come out again bye please close the gate when you
leave ” David smiled walking to their apartment.
“ seriously ” Eric hiss again as he left the building.


Phone rings
“ hello my dear, your father and I are going on an outing
remember your aunt Cindy’s wedding? Just stay with Stella
(David’s mom) for today but if you think you can sleep alone you
can but please lock the doors okay? And don’t try anything
stupid with Dave o I don’t want teenage pregnancy if you get
pregnant you are on your own o ” my mom sound too happy on
the phone but teenage pregnancy? Seriously what’s my mom
thinking? I can’t believe this.
Teenage pregnancy my a-s
But wait did she mean I’m going to stay with David’s parent
today? They are not home too I heard them talking about an
outing this morning.


Nikky’s parent are already sitted at the event when her father
notice a familiar figure.
“ honey I think I saw Mr Augustine right now ” nikky’s father

inform his wife.
“ hey sweetheart why would Dave’s father be here but wait is
that not stella? ” lia said and they quickly called their neighbors.
“ seriously I didn’t know you guys won’t be at home too I just
couldn’t help it I have to come to my sister’s wedding ” lia said
breaking the silence.
“ oh that means? We left two adolescents all alone eish! ” stella

“ if I knew you are also going somewhere I would have take her
along but what do we do? I told nikky to sleep with you guys. So
that means nikky and Dave are at home together alone? ” Cecilia
try hard not to scream.
“ don’t let us think awkwardly Samuel is there too but I don’t
know what my hot blooded son is capable of doing ” Stella shook
her head.
“ alright don’t let us think like teenagers they will be okay? ” Mr
Augustine (David’s father) said for the first time.

Narration continue by me

I knock the door and Samuel open it for me.
“ oh sis why are you here? ” Samuel asked.
“ oh my parents are not home so they told me to stay with you
guys don’t tell me aunt is also not at home? ” I reply with an
additional question.
“ yes the left for elder uncle’s wedding well you can come in ”
I enter the house and I sat down on the couch, but wait I’m going
to sleep with two guys and I can’t sleep alone what do I do?
“ what is she doing here? ”

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