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High School Crush  - Season 1 - Episode 10
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( Romeo and Juliet)

The lesson is kind of I don’t know awkward instead of his sweet
way of teaching today is aggressive but I’m just smiling.
“ you must have had great fun that you are smiling like that wow
” he said.
“ its really a great fun ” I replied.
“ that he even give you a watch? ”
Oh my how did he know.
“ concentrate on your workings and stop thinking about how I
knew he gave you a watch” he said like a monitoring wizard.
“ whatever but wait why are you so worked up with this watch?”
I asked him and he shoot me one of his cold stare.
After the most boring lesson I’ve ever had I wash up and I wash
my school uniform.
Three weeks pass and the friendship between me and Eric grew
even Janelle is suspecting something but we are not in any kind
of relationship, he know I like David so he won’t step beyond his

After that lesson three weeks ago David avoid me like he use to
even the lessons is some kind sour but I still stick to him like a
forever glue.
“ David why are you avoiding me? ” I asked him on a faithful
afternoon immediately he enter the compound I was already
standing like an immovable tree in front of him blocking him
luckily our parents are not home.
“ move away ” he try shoving me away but I still stood there like
that immovable tree.
“ I won’t if you won’t tell me why ”
“ then get ready to become a statue abeg get out of my way ” he
shove me away.
“ nikky you forget your purse ” Eric pant hard as he walk into our

“ oh Eric thanks my memory is some kind of you know today ” I
said and he nodded.
“ anyway since you are home already can we hang out again? ”
he said and before I can answer David’s voice cuts in like a
sharp knife.
“ she have a tutorial with me ” David turn to us.
“ really? She will have the tutorial tomorrow for now leave my
girl alone ” Eric smile. But wait his girl? Is he by chance referring
to me?
“ we are having test next tomorrow remember? ” David try to
defend. I was like what is wrong these two?.
“ leave my girl today you both live together na ” Eric took my
hand and David took the other.
“ and who says she is your girl? ” David sound angry.
“ nikky is my girl so let go ”
At this time I don’t even know what to do at all. I think David is
my Romeo but which type of a Juliet have two romeos ? Juliet
cannot have two abi what have I gotten myself into? This is not
nice at all I’m confuse and the two romeos are not helping either
they refuse to let go of my hands sef.
“ can you guys please let go? ”
“ he should I will not! ” David yelled.

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