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Hidden dreams - Season 1 - Episode 9
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We always performed at the first Monday of the month in the school assembly hall and whenever we had some important functions. Everyone was amazed at our moves. Which really helped get me to be amongst the most recognised girls in school. I was only in grade 11 but the attention the guys where always trying to give me made me look like I was part of the grade 12s.

” come on people, let’s get to it already. Today we have to continue working on our salsa dance for that upcoming district competition” Ms Jere announced clapping her hands.

“Everyone get into your positions with your partner’s and get started” she added as she walked to switch on the radio player.
I was getting ready with my partner Ken, when I saw him standing by the window again. His face with pure desire to want to dance. Something told me Jay was intrested in dancing but was somewhat shy.
I whispered something to Ms Jere and she turned to look at the direction of Jay.
“Go on and start the dance” she told me and walked towards the door….


I was almost running away, I saw Tracy whisper to her dance teacher and when she turned to face me I quickly took off.
“Hey !” I heard her call me.
I pretended not to have heard her and walked on but when she me mentioned my name I froze instantly.

I slowly turned back and came face to face with Ms Jere’s beaming face. She had this bright smile it almost knocked me off my feet.
I sighed looking at her. ” how are you madam?” I greeted her instead.
“Come on, come join us” she smiled further.

” what? Oh no I didn’t intend to come join you guys. I mean I can’t even dance” i stammered almost getting chocked by my own lies.
Ms Jere nodded, “okey,” she sighed
“Come in, anyway. We wouldn’t mind having someone watching us” she giggled.
I was speechless. I couldn’t say no cause my inside was screaming loudly at me to go in and join the dance already. But thoughts of my parent’ s warnings and the furious eyes of my father when I told him about my passion to dance scared me.

” I can’t am sorry” I managed to say at last.
“I will just go now” I staggered uneasily.
She stopped smiling and came closer to me.
” listen to me my dear, I can tell someone is a dancer when I see them. And am not wrong to say, you are dying to dance inside yourself. Don’t take so long to take a step towards dancing. Dancing is like boiling water, if you cover it up as it boils inside it will eventually spill over. You cannot hide from your true self. You have to learn to harness the power inside you. Grab it and enjoy it as it lasts. You will not be young forever” she added and patted my shoulder gently before walking away.
I remained standing my mouth dry.
” Jay! Come on. Let’s go!” John called me out. I had sneaked out on him running to the dance class before he pulled me to go with him to his club.

” where did you disappear to? I was looking all over for you” John scolded as I walked with him to the labs for JETS.
” no where I was just moving about” I coughed nervously. When he didn’t bring up the dance teacher I relaxed knowing he had not seen her talk with me.
” So what’s up with that babe? I heard boys talking man, be careful she’s being eyed by the Head boy I don’t think it’s a good idea to cross him”
“Which one?” I asked surprised.
” that Tracy man, don’t pretend. I saw you two the other day talking and people are talking as well ”

” mnmmm I see people like gossiping in this school huh.. not to worry my friend though, i got nothing with that girl shes just a girl I met outside the dance class the other day and….”
I couldn’t finish my sentence and John stopped , eyeing me suspiciously.
” dance class?” He asked surprised ” what the hell was a dude like you doing at that class for girls man?” He asked looking straight at me.
‘ I, I was just am um” I stammered.
” I know! ” He shouted loudly. ” you went checking out girls right?” He asked hitting my shoulder.
” yeah! That’s what happened man I breathed heavily. ” and that teacher, you said it Wow, she’s so d--n hot!” I stagged an act raising my hands.
” you are unbelievable man, so soon you have started looking out for girls” John laughed out. .
I shrugged casually not wanting to argue his perception. I was cool with him thinking I went for girls than knowing my true intentions. .
That Friday passed and I was still fighting my inner desire to join the dance class.

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