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Hidden dreams - Season 1 - Episode 18
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For a few seconds I stayed quite not knowing how to make of the turn of the events but I comforted myself. I wasn’t going to be afraid anymore so I told myself whether I will be seen dancing by the whole world or not won’t matter. As long as I was doing what I wanted.

” okey then, get that bag for me. The bus is outside” she told me carrying her handbag.
” I never asked what you talked with my father but whatever it is stopped him from yelling at me and I appreciate you so much for that” I told her as we walked towards the bus. The others where getting inside already.

” you got it ” she responded casually and kept going while I tagged behind her deliberately wanting to take in her behind.
“How stupid Jay” I heard my inner self scold me and I let a small smile.

We where booked in at a lodge near Mulungushi Conference centre that evening. Given a separate room from that of the girls with four other guys. Ms Jere and the other teacher had separate rooms too.

She called us out for dinner after we all settled in. Telling us we were to go round for some evening window shopping at Arcades after having our meal.

I kept eyeing her as we went round not wanting to take off my eyes from her now different outfit. She had changed into some shorts going up to her knees and a loose T-shirt.

” she’s your teacher, you are way out of her league” Tracy whispered in my ears as we walked.

She had decided to walk besides me and two other guys who opted to walk with Ms Jere whilst the other group walked the other way with the other teacher.

” Tracy come on. What’s with you?” I turned to her. ” stop acting like a jealousy girlfriend. Am just looking around like anyone else and I honestly am getting tired of your insinuations.”

” insinuations huh?” She asked rudely.
” Yeah stop that it’s really not a good thing”

She looked at Ms Jere in front and back at me.
” well we will see ” she sighed and moved closer to me when Ms Jere looked back at us.
I moved away unconsciously and I saw Tracy almost laughing.

She attempted to hold my hand but I pushed her hand away and walked ahead of her.
” she’s out of your reach. It’s high time you set your eyes on those that are within your reach Jared Zimba” she whispered and rushed ahead looking at some clothes through the window.

I shook my head and let a small laugh.
“Girls! ” i whispered.

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