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Hidden dreams - Season 1 - Episode 16
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I could not look back as I rushed out of the class. Being any second more close to my father wasn’t going to turn out well as I had felt the urge to fight him back. I wasn’t going to allow myself get humiliated and slapped like a small boy anymore.
I had told my mind off and honestly I felt some relief. I saw his look but this time it didn’t give me any shivers.
” Jay!” I heard my sisters call out but I completely ignored them.

Nina however, followed me to the hostels.
” stop I want to greet you please” she cried catching up with me.

My younger sister wasn’t like Tina my immediate sister. We where mostly in good terms and she always found a way to me no matter how upset I was.

Her soft steps as she approach me made me stop by the entrance.
” what is it Nina?” I asked turning to face her.

” I missed you ” she made a sad face and hugged me.

I hesitated a bit but felt bad I was taking it out on her. ” I missed you too kiddo” i faked a smile holding her back.

“Why are you running? ” she asked me as I held her hand and walked her to the bench.
” it’s nothing Nina dont worry, now tell me how is everyone home? ”
” they are fine and mom told me I should say hi. Aunty Nelly said she misses you and told me to ask if you have tried to do what she had said”

” oh she did,” I sighed recalling how aunty Nelly asked me to take some time to think about myself.

For some minutes I talked to my little sister and later on Tina joined us. I was beginning to wonder what was keeping dad long. I had expected him to come out of the dance room and probably called the girls to go, but I was surprised by the amount of time that had passed.

” okey girls lets get to the vehicle now” I heard dad speak and indicated for my sister’s to go on. Nina kissed me good bye and my other sister gave me a quick hug before leaving.

I looked at my father and he seemed calm but I had no intention of talking to him.

I stood there waiting for him to tell what was on his mind and I cared less what he was to say , my mind was made up I wasn’t going to allow him dictate my life.

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