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Healer - Season 1 - Episode 15
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She stirred and stretched with her eyes opening after several blinks. She saw him looking down at her resting his head on his palm which was being supported by his elbow. He was smilingdown at her. Last night had been awesome to her. She smiled back. Kendra felt wonderful because even if he hadn’t used protection sheknew she couldn’t get pregnant because the doctor had said so during her first year of marriage. And she was seriously looking for an excuse to leave Connor. Infidelity was the only way since death has refused to take her.“Good morning.” She said and he bent and kissed her lips.“Good morning. You sleep like an angel.”He said and she laughed. “Oh, please,Alex.”“I’m serious. I love the way you sleep.”She turned to face him. “So you’ve been watching me sleep?”“I just happen to be an early riser.”He kissed her lips and she responded in a passionate one.“I hope you’re not too tired? I can’t seem to get enough of you.”He grinned and she laughed again. “Of coursenot.”His hands moved over her body, tantalizing her b-----s at the same time. She m0aned in his mouth and pulled him down to her body, opening her legs wide for him. Alex didn’t object. He moved into her with a steady movement. His hands entwined with hers, lifting them up above her head and kissing her as he drove in, until they were both exhausted and panting hard.Afterwards, he carried her,bridal style to the bathroom, placing her into the large and wide bath tub. When he started the water he noticed her eyes on his body and he smiled.“I’m glad you like it.”He said and grinned. She blushed pink and tried to hide her smile. “How are you sure I’m admiring your body?”“Because I know you are.”He stepped in with her and started bathing her body. She didn’t know if he was bathing her or seducing her because his hands moved slowly and seductively with his eyes on her face, inspecting her.He moved his soapy hands to her b-----s and was putting the lather on her but she was feeling the pleasure his hands imposed on her body. He lifted the sponge to her n-----s and stroked in light feather like movements, watching her.“I love the way your b-----s respond to my touch.” He said, smiling. “Like they’ve been waiting impatiently for it.”She threw her head back against the tub and sighed.He chuckled.“Let’s see if this will bring my p---y back to life.”He said and ran the sponge down, slowly down…to her most sensitive place. She m0aned. He let go off the sponge, placing either of her legs apart so they wer

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