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Gabi's Diary - Season 1 - Episode 18
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I stared at her and smiled , the Mumu girl also smiled. ” yeah, I have a thousand naira here” I said as I brought out a thousand naira from my pocket, she was now grinning happily. ” But like you, am also hungry and want to use it” I said and dipped the money into my pocket, I patted her shoulder and walked away, she just stood staring at me. ” What did she say?” Emeka asked me the moment I got back to them. ” She came to beg for money from me” I replied. ” Why you? Do you have anything with her?” Joy asked. ” I dont know for her o” I replied. ” Hope you didn’t give her?” Amanda chipped in. ” Haba, I didn’t give her now, I am not a fool now, I didn’t give her a thing” I replied and we continued our walk back home. ” Should we take a tricycle?” Emeka asked as we got to the main gate,our house happen to be at the extreme end of the street, we usually board a tricycle to get there but sometimes when the girls aren’t with us, we do trek. ” Let’s trek” Joy said, the mention of trek made me remember the first day I met joy and how an evil spirit had made me trek from the school bookshop to our lecture hall, that was a day I couldn’t forget in Uniben. ” Are you sure you girls can cope?” Emeka asked again. ” What do you take us for, we can do it” Amanda said and the journey began. It was a long one and at a point we had to drag the girls home. I was just opening the door to the main apartment when Sucex phone rang, it was Nike, I knew she would call. ” Nike is calling” Sucex said and handed the phone to Amanda. ” Hello Nike baby, how are you doing?” Amanda asked . ” Am fine please who is speaking?” Nike asked, her voice showed she was angry. ” its Amanda” Amanda said smiling as we walked into the main apartment. ” oh Amanda, how are you?” Nike asked. ” Am fine ooo, thank you ” Amanda said. ” Where is Sucex?” Nike asked. ” Oh, the boys went out without their phones” Amanda said. ” Oh okay, tell him I wanna speak with him when he gets back ” Nike said and terminated the call. ” That girl is really wise o” Sucex said while we all nodded as we sat on the bed. ” Emeka, you are the one feeding us today o” I said as Emeka brought out some money from his pocket and gave to Joy to go buy ingredients to cook beans. ” Joy please buy Malt along o” I said to her. ” With which Money? ” Emeka asked me. ” The money for food now” I replied. ” Joy dont try it o” Emeka said to her and I brought out one thousand naira from my pocket. ” Take, help me buy Malt” I said as I stretched the money to her. ” Dont worry, keep it ” she said and she with Amanda went out to buy the stuff. ” Gabriel so when will you ask her out?” Emeka asked me after the girls had left. ” Ask who out?” I asked back. ” Joy of course” Sucex chipped in. ” Come you guys know I have a girlfriend o” I said to them. ” Shut up jare, can’t you see the light, dont live to regret this o” Sucex said while I laughed. ” Am satisfied the way I am” I replied. ” Chaii , the old woman doing you is staring critically at your photo “Emeka added as he pulled off his jacket and placed it on my box. ” Come guy, go and dry that thing outside” I said but no one answered me. ” As if he is the first to have a girlfriend in the world” Sucex murmured and went to the bathroom. ” I can’t just break up with her for no …” I was saying when Joy and Amanda came in. ” Break up with who?” Amanda asked . ” Who is breaking up?” I quickly defended. ” like I heard someone talking about breaking up” Amanda said again but got no reply. ” How much things did you guys buy?” Emeka asked as Joy gave me the malt. ” Why are you asking?” Joy asked back and Emeka kept shut while the girls went to the kitchen, I sipped the malt stylishly. ” Give me small now” Emeka begged while I laughed. ” So if I give you, you will collect bah?” I asked while the Mumu nodded.

About ten minutes later, Nike called again. ” Amanda come and pick o, Nike is calling ” Sucex shouted. ” Hello Nike baby” Amanda started. ” Is Sucex not yet back?” Nike asked . ” Nope, they actually went far, You know guys now” Amanda said and Nike terminated the call. ” This girl go suffer o” I said staring at Sucex who was thinking deeply. ” Bro what is it?” I asked him. ” Guy, am just thinking about how I offended my family” he said and tears dropped down his eyes, Amanda and Joy came out from the kitchen. ” Its not late to apologize bro, your family will always forgive you” I said patting him. I took his phone and gave it to him. ” Call your dad” I said to him as he picked up the phone and dialed his dad number, he was in tears. ” Hello daddy” he started, the phone was in speaker. ” Yes, what is it?” His dad asked, His dad must still be angry with him. ” Dad, I want to apologize for all I have done, I know I have not been a good child but dad, I wanna turn a new leaf, please Sir forgive me” Sucex said calmly while his dad listened attentively. ” Are you sure you are not putting on this act?” His dad asked. ” No dad, my house mates have talked sense into me, I am changed dad” Sucex said again. ” Okay son, give the phone to Gabriel” His dad said and he gave the phone to me. ” Gabriel my boy, how are you?” He asked me. ” Am fine sir” I replied. ” How is Joy, Emeka and Mandy?” He asked . ” They are fine sir” I said. ” Is my son really changed as he claim he is? ” he asked again while I concurred . He also spoke to the rest of the house mates and to Sucex again. Immediately after the call, Sucex received an alert of 20 thousand naira, his Joy knew no bond. We also called Uncle p that night and apologized.

The next day in school was funny, we didn’t see Nike that morning and we didn’t let Sucex out of our reach. It was around 12:00 pm that we went out to eat since the chemistry lecturer refused to come. We were all going to the woman who sold snacks and drinks when we saw Nike coming from there with two snacks and a drink, we approached her immediately. ” Hi Nike” Sucex greeted. ” Hy dear ” She replied and made to go but we prevented her. ” You bought snacks and you can’t even give me some when you know what am passing through” Sucex said as he gently collected a snack from her,she couldn’t do anything as she watched smiling forcefully. ” Let me also share this with you” he said as he collected the drink and made to open it. ” Wait,what the hell is wrong with you guys? ” Nike suddenly flared up but Sucex was already gulping down the content of the Fanta drink.

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