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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Present day.

I watch Raine try to heft a big box as I bend to tie Jew’s shoe laces.
“Raine, drop that, you will hurt your self.”
She stands straight and pouts.
“But I want to show mom my new toys and gowns.”
I almost roll my eyes.
“Are we doing that? I want to show mom too”
Jew says and I shake my head negative.
“No baby girls, we are not doing any of that”
I say as I push Jew’s wheelchair to the door, Styxx opens the door for me.
My little girl is too weak to walk today, God I can wait for that surgery to be done and over with.
I had to wheelchair proof the house when I found out my baby girl gets too weak sometimes to even walk.
I hate this.
I wheel us to the car with Styxx carrying a box of sandwiches for lunch.
I get them settled in after Raine argued with Styxx on who is sitting shotgun.
“Say good bye to your aunt kids”
I say as I lean over and buckle Raine’s seatbelt.
She always gets her way.
I lift my head to see Leila sitting on the stoop waving at the kids
When our eyes meet her smile dissolves.
I don’t bother to wonder why, I already know .
She doesn’t like that I bring the children to see their mothers grave, she believes I should just let them forget about her.
I don’t believe so, what the both of us believe are two very different things.
I drive to the outskirts of the little beach town, down to the church graveyard.
When we get there I unbuckle Raine’s seatbelt because she tries to come down without doing so .

“Slow down Raine”
I call after her as she shoots out of the car.
Styxx stays back and help me with Jew.
I smile at him and I ask him to grab the lunch boxes.
I wheel Jew over to the big oak tree and I see Raine trying to pull out some weed growing near the tree.
I smile, although my girl is super hyper, she is thoughtful.
Mariah always wanted to be buried underneath a tree.
As I step under the shade of the tree a sprinkling of flower falls down on me.
I smile.
“I missed you too Mariah”
I say as I pat the tree.
I spread the picnic blanket and I get Jew settled.
“I wanna talk to Mom first!”.
Raine shouts and I wince.
“Sweet bottom, it’s ok we can hear you if you speak normally”
I say softly.
“Yes squid”
Styxx adds and I roll my eyes.
Raine shouts as she turns to the tree.
“Mom, Styxx hates me, why did you ever give birth to him”
She asks the tree and I don’t bother to rebuke, am used to her ranting about it.
Her voice go soft and I know she is connecting with her mother now.
This right here is why I bring them to see their mom every month.
“Hi Mom, how are you doing? I missed you, I wanted to bring over some stuff daddy got for me but he said I couldn’t.
The gowns are so pretty mom, like really pretty.”
She says and takes a big breath.
“Jew is still sick, can’t you talk to God and so him to heal her?”
My baby asks her mom and my heart twinges.
Styxx starts, softly.
Raine continues.
“Please mom …, I don’t want to loose my sister, talk to God,uhn? Uhn?”
She asks as tears spills from her eyes, I gather her to me and as she cries.
I nod to Styxx to begin to talk to his mother as I console my daughter.
“Is okay baby girl”
I say as I stroke her hair.
“Am so scared daddy, am really scared”
She says and my heart breaks.
I kiss her head.
“Jew’s gonna be okay baby”
I say.
“Stop crying Ray Ray”
Jew says softly and I smile at her.
“Are you gonna be ok?”
Raine asks and Jew nods, Raine smiles and that’s settled.
I tune into Styxx.

“……..if you could tell Raine to stop snoring that will be good too…”
He says.

“I don’t snore!”
Raine shouts.

“You do squid, and shut up am talking to Mom”
He says softly, Raine turns to me.
“Daddy?, Do I snore?”
I shake my head.

“No baby girl”
That seems to satisfy her because she cuddles closer in my arms.
“…….and also I aced my math test last week, my teacher is no longer a sissy because now he scolds Ben and the others when they talk back at him….., Well that’s all I have to say….oh wait, protect daddy and Jew and the squid…..I miss you…bye Mom.”
He says as he steps back from the tree unto the blanket.

For once Raine doesn’t say anything about being called squid.

Am amazed at my kids.

Even though they never met there mother they interact with her like they’ve known her for much longer.

Flower petals fall from the tree and I smile.
Mariah is pleased.

I go to stand so I can wheel Jew over.
“It’s fine daddy, I can manage”
She says and I sit back, watching her stand up slowly.

It must have taken a lot of energy but I don’t offer any help, if I did she will be depressed.
She walks slowly to the tree and sits at the foot of it.

“Hello mother, how have you been?”
She asks softly.
“Well its Jew, the last of the triplets, I know, I know, you missed me too”
She says as flower petals fall on her.
Raine giggles and I smile.
“So I wrote some of poems this week, hope you like it, am gonna be a famous singer one day, just as soon as I become well”
I smile again.

“I miss you mother, tell Daddy to take us with him this week and tell Styxx to stop teasing Raine.”

She says as she picks up a petal in her palm.
“My surgery is soon, I hope to see you soon with no hearing aids”
She says and petals fall on her.
She giggles softly.
“Talk later”
She says as she makes her way to the blanket slowly.

She sits and grabs a sandwich from the box Styxx hands her.

“Aren’t you going to talk to Mom daddy?”
Jew ask and I shake my head.
“No baby”
I say as I kiss her head.

Am not worthy to talk to her, I hurt her too much.
Raine grabs my phone and begins to play a song.
I smile, it’s I and Mariah’s song.
The Lumineers ‘holdin’ out’
Raine sings along and Styxx joins even Jew.
I smile as I grab a bottled water.
Am content.

So while writing this episode I channeled a lot of emotions.

Hope you feel it.

You can download the song, I promise it’s worth it

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