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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 8
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I feel a hand on my face and I frown.
“Daddy wake up”

“Raine what did I say about disturbing me when am sleeping?”
I ask as I open an eye.
“But… daddy, Jew’s not feeling good, she’s crying”
I sit up immediately, the sheet falling off.
“Ok baby girl, stay here I will be back”
I lay her on my bed, she looks so scared.
I make my way to the room Raine shares with Jew and I enter to see Leila kneeling beside the bed patting Jew’s head, Styxx is standing at a corner looking concerned.
“Baby girl”
Jew lifts her hand for me an i get into bed with her.

“Am right here baby cheeks”
I say.
“Am tired daddy, I just wanna sleep”
My heart clenches.

“Go ahead baby, daddy’s here”
I stroke her head and she falls in a fitful sleep.
I turn to Styxx.

“Am right here big guy, you can go to bed”
He shakes his head no, Styxx likes communicating with actions and not words, he rarely speaks.
Am scared for my kids.

“It’s fine, I will be by soon, go to bed, am here now.”

He nods shortly.
“Don’t leave her”
I nod.

“I promise”
He nods again and he exits the room brushing past Leila.

I cuddle my daughter close as memories overwhelm me.

4 years ago.

“Don’t fail me Justin, you’ve been doing good on all of those missions, the way you are going you would be taking my job in no time”
I nod as my boss gives me the mission detail.
I’ve been debriefed, I know what I am supposed to do.

“I won’t let you down sir”
He nods as I strap on my Kevlar.
Show time.

“What do you mean we are done?”
I turn to Craig, the lazy a-s was sitting in the car when I did all the job with the other guys.
“We are done, the guys took the missiles to base”

He sputters and I just raise a brow.
He walks away and it takes all of my will not to grab my Glock from my pocket and pop his knee.
I hate this double standards s--t.

Although am a rookie, am a d--n good rookie, he thinks because he has been in the game longer than me means he has scored pissing points.

“Don’t let him get to you, he’s an a-hole.”
I turn to see Olamide, my partner in today’s mission.
I say noncommittally.

Am not in for this s--t.
He seems to understand because he nods.
“Why don’t you take the rest of the day off, am sure mark won’t mind”
He says referring to our boss.
I nod.

I had that in mind already.
I walk to the car issued to me and I drive.
I would have loved to go home but ever since my sister left for the States and my brother turned to a greedy monster I have avoided my home like the plague.
I drive around and finally I decide to enter an eatery, I drive into their parking lot.
I sit myself at a table and I see a waitress come forward.
I am going through the menu and I don’t pay her any heed.
“What will you be having today sir?”
She says in a soft voice that if I wasn’t paying attention I would have missed.
I raise my head and I see her watching me intently.

“What do you recommend?”
She seems to be watching my lips as I speak, I tip the side.
She startles and stares into my eyes.
She doesn’t say anything, after a short while I ask.
Her eyes flies to my lips and I almost frown.
“The house special is recommended sir”
She says in that soft voice and I nod.
“So that’s what I will have”
I say and she nods.
She leaves and comes back with my meal, all through the food I stare at her.
I glance at my time after a while and I see it’s past 8, I have been here for close to hours.
I beckon another waitress and she steps forward.

She says a figure and I drop the cash, I stand looking around for her but she seems to have vanished.

I walk out.

Smooth Justin, loosing the only woman you’ve had interest in in a while.
Well, I will be back tomorrow.
As I step our I see her immediately, she is wrapping a long scarf around her neck.
I jog to her, she startles when I touch her shoulder.

I raise my hand.
“It’s only me”
I say.

So there must have been a back door.
“How may I help you sir?”
She asks and I shake my head.
“Let me take you out”
Her eyes widen as she stares at my lips.
She shakes her head.
I frown.
I ask and she speaks.
“Not tonight, I have dance classes to tutor today”
She says softly.
“Can I come?”
I ask.
“Can you dance?”
“Am sure I can try”
I say and she smiles.
“Let’s get to my car, I can drive you there”
She shakes her head, her eyes on my lips.
“It’s not far, it’s trek able”
I nod.

“Alright milady, lead the way.”
She begins to walk and I fall in step beside her.
“So what’s your name?”
I ask and she doesn’t respond.
I touch her arm.

“What’s your name?”
I ask again and she watches my lips, my suspicions are confirmed.
“Am Mariah”
She says softly.
“Well Mariah, am Justin”
She smiles and nod, she is beautiful.
I know that Mariah seems to read lips.
Mariah is deaf but she teaches dance classes, i like her already.

I smile.
Mom, I have found my soulmate.
I say and I feel the sky smiling at me.

This episode is dedicated to Mandy Princess, she is a mother of two.

Has a handsome boy and a lovely girl.
She teaches dance, ain’t that swell?

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