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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 7
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I come down stairs with a spring to my step, am so happy this morning I could burst.
“Good morning family”
I say cheerily and they turn to me.
“Can you tune down the smile a little, it’s blinding my eye”
Kele says grumpily, she’s not a morning person.
I just laugh.
“Your adorable”
I say as I kiss her head and take my seat.

They are looking at me like I just stripped naked and danced on the table.
“Your Happy,”
Sage says .
I nod.
“I am”
He shares a look with justice that I don’t bother to interpret, my eyes stray to the stairs .
Julliet must have noticed because she says.
“It’s the weekend, he isn’t at home”
I instantly deflate.
“I don’t know what you mean”
She rolls her eyes.
She says under her breath, I just ignore.
I remember that Justin always vanishes on the weekend, he’s never available during this time.
No one knows where he goes.
He didn’t tell m…….

I stop my self on that train of thought, he’s nothing to me so he shouldn’t tell me anything.
I just butter my toast and take a bite.
Am not feeling so hyper any more.
I miss the look Sage sends justice and justice nodding his head.

Am too caught up in my wallow.
“It’s cloudy with a Chance of Rain”
Kele says in an off hand comment and I nod , yeah that’s how I feel.

I didn’t know she was referring to me.


Am whistling, am happy and I know why.
She’s the cause.

She’s like a drug, am currently high on.
I drive to my getaway in happy thoughts.
My phone rings and I connect to Bluetooth.
I say.
“Boss, I got the file on what you wanted”
My mood instantly dulls, I don’t feel so hyper any more.
“Email it to me”
“Yes boss”
I go to disconnect but I stop.
“How bad is it?”
I ask.
“With all due respect sir, I would appreciate it if you let me at the a-hole”
“Thank you Simon”
“Anytime boss”
I disconnect and continue driving.
I get to my destination and I drive through the gate of the little beach house.
I swipe my phone and I see a new email, I don’t hesitate and I open it.
I go through articles upon articles.
I feel bile rise to my chest, I clench my fist as I read.
He did this to her.
He hurt her, he made her this way.
I feel my self slipping into the calm rage, I try to stop it but I can’t.
The voice calls from outside the car.
I turn.
I open the door and I step out.
A ball of clothe hit me in a hug and I hug back,that seemed to help.
“How you doing baby girl?”
I bend to her level and she kisses my cheek.
“Am fine daddy”
I raise my head and I see my son standing on the porch with his hands across his little chest.
I close my car door and I walk to him while holding the hand of my daughter.
“You still angry at me Styxx?”
I ask.
“Styxx is a cry baby”
My daughter says and my son turns furious eyes to me.

“Apologize to your brother Raine”
I tell my daughter and she mumbles.
“Am sorry…”
“You are a trouble maker”
Jew my last child says.
“Sorry Daddy”
I shake my head.
“Are you guys going to hug me or should I go without?”
They give me a group hug and I Pat their heads, I raise my head to see Leila standing there.
“Hello honey”
She says and I smile, I walk to her and kiss her cheek.
“Hey, lay lay”
She smiles and we go inside.


I watch them play, I turn to Leila.
“How are they?”
I ask.
“They are fine, well almost fine”
She says dully, I ignore her tune, Leila is my children’s Aunt, she’s over protective of them, she doesn’t like my parenting.
Well that makes two of us, I don’t like my parenting.
“How’s Jew?”
“She’s okay?”
I turn to her fully.
“Does she still cry at night?”
I ask.
“Not every night, just sometimes when the pain is too much”.
She says and I feel my chest constrict.
My little girl has a condition her mother had too.
An ear diseases that prevents her from hearing without hearing aids, it can be treated by surgery.
We just waiting for the right time.
“What did the doctor say?”
“He says she should undergo the surgery in a month time”
I nod slowly.

“He also says that she should be surrounded by family at that time”
I nod again.
“He meant not just us Justin, he meant all the family she has”
“Justin, it’s high time your children met your family, you can’t keep hiding them”
“Am not hiding them, they will meet them, just not now”
She shakes her head in anger.
“What’s your excuse this time? Uh?they are not ready?you are not ready? When are you going to admit that you are just scared that no one will accept your children”
“Shut your mouth Leila”
She shakes her head.
“You didn’t kill her J….”
“Shut it Leila, I swear…”
“Oh whatever”
I throw her a look before walking to my children and taking a seat.
“Daddy, Jew won’t let me play with her Barbie doll”
“Raine, you have yours, don’t you think it’s bad to try to hoard someone else’s?”
I ask her and she scrunches her nose in an adorable way.
“What’s hoard?”
She asks as she strokes my hair, more like pull at it, I don’t complain I just go through the maths book Styxx gave me.
“Hoarding is bad, it’s when you have more than enough but still want more”
“Is wanting more bad?”
She ask as she tries to sit on my head this time.
“No baby, wanting more isn’t bad but hurting people while doing it is bad”
“Did I hurt Jew?”
“Why don’t you ask her baby girl”
I turn to Styxx to correct some of the errors on his math homework.

I see her go to Jew from the corner of my eyes and I hide my smile.
My daughter is a little OCD, she has a short attention span and is brilliant like hell.
She’s a little diva though.
Styxx on the other hand is the macho silent type, he’s the Rock and acts older than his 5 years.
Jew is my little baby, although she is sick she is strong, I just hope the surgery goes well and make her better.

“Daddy are you ok?”
I raise my head to see Jew looking at me while laying her head on a pillow.

My little girl must be tired.

I move to her before placing her on my lap.
“Why do you ask baby?”
She rests her head on my chest.
“You look tired”
I smile.

“I just had a long day at work today, that’s all”
“Are you going to take us with you this week?”
Raine asks.

I glance at Leila who is still leaning by the door.
“Shut up squid”
Styxx says quietly.

“Don’t call me squid”!
Raine shouts and I throw a look at Styxx.
He’s looking at me.

Ha, my little man is supporting his father, but…
“Don’t disrespect your sister Styxx”
He nods and I turn to Raine.
“You will be coming with me soon”
“That’s what you say Everytime”
She shouts as she settles on the ground beside me, i pull her into my arm and she rests against my chest.

“I really want to come with you daddy, I miss you when you are gone”
Jew says softly, sleepily and I glance at Leila.
She just shrugs.

I almost groan.

It’s a conspiracy.
. .

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