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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 6
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I laugh as kele makes kissey faces at Alec who looks starstruck.

My little man is still harboring a crush on my friend.

“Kelechi stop tormenting my son”
Sage says and I almost laugh again..
“Oh chill giant, he likes it….don’t you?”
She asks Alec who nods mutely.

Lunch turned dinner was a success, we just finished and we are in the media room.

Apparently kele is not going home today, I don’t question how she knew about my secret but I just take her given support.

I feel his eyes on me and I make an effort not to glance at him.

When he stepped into the kitchen today I almost died, he looked so handsome.

Forgotten feelings and memories try to surface, I just push them back.

They won’t help now, he shouldn’t have to settle for less.

Not that he was ever interested,
except that one night, that one awesome night.
I blush deeply at my thoughts, I feel his gaze get keener on me, as if he knows what am thinking, is that even a thing?

Am saved by my phone ringing and I smile deeply when I see the display.

I glance at him to see him scowl.

I answer my phone.

“Hello baby”
I say softly as I stand.
“Hey baby-punch”
I almost giggle.

“Tony, you know I hate that Nick name,”
I say as I make my way out to answer my call.


Nick name?
What the hell?
I feel julliet watching me so I make an effort to look unconcerned.

Am concerned that it’s takes me a lot of effort to look unconcerned, what Is this girl doing to me?

“You have anything yet?”
Sage asks as he plays with Julliet’s hair.
What’s up with this men and PDA?
I just shake my head no.

“Am gonna go ahead and say this, if you have any interest in my sister, go for it now”
Sage says.

I shake my head.
“I don’t”
I lock eyes with him and he nods.
I believe what I just said but why does my chest feel hot?


I don’t know what made me stop before entering the media room but I did .

And am grateful I did.

“………….if you have any interest in my sister, go for it now”
Oh God, that was Sage, Jesus.
My mortification is complete.

But I find my self waiting, listening for his response.

Fool me, I feel my heart break at his response.
“I don’t”
I just swallow my pain and step in, keeping my face neutral.
“Soo, who was that?”
Kele asks the million dollar question.
I just shake my head.
“Just someone I know”
I say with finality, ending all other questions.
She nods and turns to Alec.
“You wanna play Warcraft with me?”
“Hell yeah”
Alec responds.
“Alec, language”
Julliet says.
“Sorry Mom”
He says before taking Kele’s hand and they go to his room.

“Am gonna go check on Abigail before hitting my bed, goodnight”

Julliet says as she bends to kiss my cheek, she leaves with sage who ruffles my hair.

Magic does the same thing with justice and am left alone with him.

Oh hell.

I go to stand up to make my excuse when he says…

“Are you going to escape now?”
I sit back down.

I say, posing it as a question.
“Are you telling me or asking me?”
He asks.

I shake my head.
“I know you hate me but I thought maybe we can be civil about it and still be acquaintances”
I frown.
“I don’t hate you”
He raises an eyebrow…

“Don’t you? I mean I literally rejected you after we shared a night together”
He says, I almost die of mortification.

“What night?”
What are you doing Sandra?
Why am I baiting him?

He sits up now, all his attention on me.
“You don’t remember?”
He asks.

I shake my head no.

“That’s weird, I seem to recall we shared a very promising night together.

I mean I didn’t sleep all through that night, I even felt like I threw my back out, so it’s weird that you don’t remember”
He says and I blush deeply, how can he talk about it so blatantly?

I start, he interrupts
“Please what? Please stop or wait please do to me the delicious things you did to me that night?”

He says arrogantly.

“Can’t you feel it or you are trying to ignore it? I can literally feel your body calling to mine”
“You have to….”

“Am not gonna stop squirrel”
I tense.

“Just say my name dammit!, it’s not that hard, just say my bloody name”

He growls loudly and I jump in fear.
Not fear of him but of him.
The one I fear the most.

He notices, of course he does.
“What is wrong with you?”
I flinch, hurt.

“Why are you so scared? What happened to you?”
I stand up, am out.

He stops me with a hand to my wrist, I shake.
“Please let go of my hand”
He stands, pulling me close, I tremble.

“Say my name”
He commands.
“Say my name dammit”
“Jus… Justin please let go of me”
I say softly, he still doesn’t do so, he just backs me up to a wall.

Am trapped, I should be scared but am not, not with this man.

“It wasn’t that hard now was it?”
He asks but I don’t respond.
“I missed you”
He says and I tremble.

Not now, God please not now.
He’s going to break me.

“I missed you so d--n much, I lied to my self that I didn’t but I missed you, your smell, the way you feel, everything about you”.
He says and I feel my self relax.

He lifts my head and for once I don’t feel scared.

“Tell me you missed me too, tell me am not alone in this feeling”
I open my mouth to confess but i remember nothing will change.

I drag my chin out of his hand and push at his chest.
“Let me go”
He scowls.

“Even if I say I missed you that’s still not going to change anything, will it? You still won’t like me and I still won’t be changed”
He frowns at my choice of words and I push at his chest again.
“Just let me go”
He steps back and I prepare to flee but that doesn’t stop him from saying.
“You can run all you like butterfly but we both know I will always be your first”
I blush deeply before flipping him the bird.
He laughs deeply and I run to my room with a smile on my face.

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