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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 29
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“Where are you going?”

Justin asks, instantly awake even though it’s barely 6 in the morning.

“Are you trying to leave me? Are you having second thoughts again?”
He asks and my heart melts.

I shake my head no as I walk back to the bed, I bend and kiss his head.
“Am just gonna go prepare breakfast, I think I have an apology to give to my family”
I say and he lies back,

I turn to leave but i turn back to him.
“I will never leave you Justin, not again, not of my own free will”

I say to him and he nods, pulling my head down for a kiss.

“Sleep in sweets, I will take care of the triple treat”

I say to him and he nods, chuckling sleepily.
I leave the room and I go down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

When am down i lay the table and I go upstairs to bath the triplets.

Well I bath Raine, Styxx took care of him self in his big boy way and I pat Jew down with a wet cloth.

“Why are you being so nice to us?”
Jew asks as I braid Raine’s hair.
I pause.
“Excuse me?”
“Why are you acting so nice? only auntie Leila takes care of us like this”
She asks again and even Styxx is quiet waiting for my reply.

“Well, you lot are cute and not that hard to be nice to”

I say and she turns away from reading my lips, she’s still too weak to talk much so I just kiss her head and turn back to Raine’s hair.

“Are you daddy’s girlfriend?”
Raine asks and I pause again.

How do I answer this question? is this a trick question?

Why Lord was I asked.

Am almost tempted to tell her to ask Justin but I answer.
“Well kind of”
“Cool, that’s good, I like you”
I beam, I can’t believe am smiling so much from receiving approval from a 5 year old.
“Why didn’t you come to see Jew at the hospital? You were always at home”
Styxx says accusingly and I freeze again.
“We seem to be full of questions this morning”

I say, he just watches me and I almost gulp.
How can a 5 year old be so intense?
“I was in a bad place at the time Styxx”
“Were you sick?”

Raine shouts and I wince at her loud voice but I answer.

“You can say that”
Styxx nods and smiles.

He looks just like his father.
“Am glad you are fine now, I kind of like you”
He says matter of factedly.
“I kind of like you too Styxx”
I say to him and he nods again.

I wait for Jew to say something along the lines of she likes me but she just remains quiet.
Well, I guess that’s all the likes am getting for today.

I wheel her down the ramp the guys made around the house for her wheel chair into the dinning room.

I see everyone already sitted.
“Good morning mi familia”
I say and no one answers.

Well seems they are holding a grudge.
I set the triplets on their sits and they immediately dig in as soon as I serve.
“You made all this?”
Kele asks and I nod.

“D--n, I should probably hire you as an understudy chef instead of my shows host”
I laugh a little.

Julliet throws Kele a dirty look and Tony says…
“Children on board mailma ”

I raise an eyebrow at Tony’s endearment, he literally just called Kele his soul.

I don’t say anything but my gaze goes back to julliet, seems she is angry at me.
“Hey Jules”

I say to her as I purposely take a sit beside her.

She doesn’t answer, I bump my shoulder against hers, still nothing.
Oh hell.
“Am sorry”
Her shoulders settle and I know she is listening.

“Am sorry for acting like the B word”
I say to her.

She goes to answer but stops at Alec’s next comment
“The B word means b-tch right?”
I gape at Alec and so does everyone at the table.
“What’s a b-tch?”
Styxx asks with interest.
Oh no, hell no.
“Alec Max Jacobs,! Who thought you a bad word”
Julliet asks and he looks scared.
Julliet says to Sage, he understands.
“Alec, where did you hear that word?”
“I saw it on a movie I watched on YouTube”
He says.
“You watch movies on YouTube?”
Julliet asks, appalled.
“Yes, on the tab”
He says and I almost shake my head.
Bye bye to your tab Alec.
“Alec, i placed YouTube under censored on your tab, how did you get passed the security?”
Jules asks and he gulps.
“I kind of know the password”
He says slowly.
“Jesus!, What else have you been watching?”
She asks, she looks sick to her stomach.
“That’s it, your tab and Mac book is gone for a week”
She says to him.
“But Mom….”
“You should be Happy it’s just a week A, I would have recommended a month”
Sage says to him and I chuckle softly at the horrified look on Alec’s face.
“But dad….”

“Eat your food and go get ready for school, buddy”
Sage says and Alec nods with a sulk.
“Don’t worry, you can use my tab”
Styxx says in a side whisper to Alec that everyone pretends not to hear.
Alec beams at him and resume to gorge on his food.

I shake my head and I turn to julliet.

“Don’t act like that again, let me in when you need help ok?”
She asks and I nod.

“Ok, am gonna go take my bath now”
Justin says as he kisses the triplets head, one after the other.

When he gets to me he bends and kisses me on the lips, slowly.

I sigh into his mouth.

“Please am begging you , get a room”
Justice says just as Sage says…

“Stop molesting my sister in front of me you idiot”
Sage says and I reluctantly break away.

Justin just scratches his head with his middle finger at Sage and Sage returns the gesture.
Real mature.

He leaves the room.

“Am guessing you guys worked things out”
Julliet asks and I nod.

“Am happy for you, the both of you”
She says and I beam.

My eyes goes to Jew who is looking at the door Justin just followed.
Oh sh-t.

Her eyes come to mine before going back to her food.

I didn’t think she liked me before.
But now it’s so obvious she doesn’t.
Oh hell.

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