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Forgetting Yesterday - Season 1 - Episode 28
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After my confession down stairs I feel drained.
All I want to do now is to get some sleep and strategize on how I will get my girl back.
I just have to check on Jew first.

I walk to her slightly open door, I opened it a little to make sure I hear if or when she calls at night.

I step in quietly and I notice 2 things.

1. Raine left her bed and is cuddling with Jew .
2. Styxx left his bed and is cuddling with Raine and Jew.

3. Sandra left her bed and is cuddling with Raine, Styxx and Jew and currently singing a song.

I freeze as I listen.

She’s singing holdin’ out by the Lumineers.
Her voice sounds so so so good, I find my self leaning against the door jamb and just soaking up the scene
She doesn’t notice me .

She finishes her song and she leans down to kiss their head.

My heart clenches at the scene before me.
How long, how long have I wanted this for my children.

This only strengthens the conviction in my heart.

Sandra is not going to escape, she will either come to terms on her on or I will force her and make her see reason.

She is perfect for me and my children.
She needs us too.

She leans over and switches off the lamp on the nightstand.

She pulls the sheet over them ,
She doesn’t notice me.

She walks toward the door, she turns her head from fixing something at the foot of the bed and she sees me.
She freezes.
“Shut up and come with me”
I whisper and exit the room, knowing that she is following me.

I enter my room and I hold the door open for her.

She hesitates, I raise a brow and she enters with a sigh.
“What was that?”
I ask.

“Am sorry, you probably don’t want me around your kids”
She says.

“One more word on that subject and I will spank you, just try me Sandra”
She gulps.

“Now, tell me what that was”
“I heard Jew fussing and I heard Styxx and Raine disturbing her, I knew she needed her rest so I went in to calm them.”
I nod
“The song you were singing, what’s that about?”
“Raine asked me to sing it to them and also I love the Lumineers, it wasn’t a hard feat, it seemed to work because they fell right asleep”

She says and I watch her lips as she speaks.
Honestly I stopped listening to her after she said Raine asked her to sing it to them.

She stops and I drag my eyes back to her eyes.
She tries to escape.

“Am just …. gonna…”

“So what slipped up your a-s and died?”
I ask and she blinks.

“Excuse me?”
“You heard me, why have you been acting all b-tchy?”

“I would thank you not to call me a b-tch Justin and to stop using vulgar words towards me”
“I call bullsh-t Sandra, you don’t get to act like you don’t know something is very wrong with our relationship”
“There is no relationship Justin”

“Tell me what happened”
“Nothing happened”
I growl.
She growls back.

This is going nowhere.

“Tell me what happened”
I try again.

“Nothing happened”
She says again and I sigh.

I go to take her hand but she steps away.
The hell?

“Sandra did you just flinch from me?”
I ask her.

She shakes her head uncertainly.

She bloody flinched.

“Sandra so help me God, if you don’t get your fine a-s over here and tell me what made you build up your walls again,. I will come over there and do things to you, that I swear on my mother’s grave, you won’t be able to walk straight for a week”
I say and she gulps again before she starts to speak.

I notice she still didn’t come closer.
But at least she is talking.
“I had a break down”
She says.

I nod,she continues.
“I dreamt about Mavin and I was not in a right place in my head when you called”
I figured.

“Am sorry I said those words to you JM”
She says and I nod.

“I was scared now that you have kids that you won’t want me anymore”
She says and this time I don’t respond,
Now that I have kids? Did I ever not have kids?
She continues, a little uncertain.

“You do know I love you right? I love you to the moon and back”

She says and a pressure releases in my chest.
“Say something Justin, do you want me? Do you still love me? I will understand if you want to end things…I mean….”

I close the distance between us as I pull her in for a kiss.

She comes willingly.

I make my way to my bed my exhaustion suddenly disappearing.

I pull my head away from her .
“Promise me you will always let me know where your head is at at all times”
She nods.

“I need the words Sandra”
“Yes Justin, I promise”
I say as I swoop in to take her lips.


After a while when we finally calm down and she is cuddling into me I speak.

“We have to see a therapist for your PTSD Sandy San”

I say softly and she nods.
“I know”
“That’s my strong sweet girl”
I say as I kiss her hair, am really proud of her.
She cuddles closer and I pull her as close as I could.

“I heard you downstairs”
She says.

“I know”
She says as she sits up a little.

“I saw you from the corner of my eye, you didn’t stay for the whole story”
“The whole story?”

She asks as she settles back down on my chest.

“Am gonna tell you the whole story soon but first I need something”
She frowns.

I whisper in her ear and she blushes, playfully hitting my chest.

“You crude human being”
She says.

“I am your crude human being”
I reply.

“Well that’s true”
She says speculatively.

“So what do you say?”
“Well… alright..”
She says with a blush and I laugh a full belly laugh.

I kiss her hard as I straddle her .

We make out for a while and after that I tell her the story.

She had tears in her eyes when I was done , I kiss them away and we settle to sleep.
“Now, I feel really content”
I say softly into the room.

She doesn’t respond because she is already asleep, she just mewls softly as she cuddles closer.


What I don’t know is that while I laughed my family heard and they were happy, even smiling to know that I was happy with someone who loved me.

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